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You may have noticed this fun little graphic on the blog this past week:

and that’s because I’ve been in Fiji and decided to visit some of the inspiration boards that I’ve made for other lovely blogs. Well, I’m on my way back today and since I didn’t spend much time on the internet (although, I’m sure some of you noticed, and it’s sad, really, that there is very little that can keep me away from the occasional Facebook post or tweet), I’ve collected some questions from my favorite tweople and put together an interview for you.

@flatbrokebride “Can you tell us about your own wedding? Where did you splurge, where did you save?”

You can view pictures from our wedding here, and we definitely chose to splurge on the food. I like eating, everyone likes eating, and honestly, if the food is bad at a wedding that’s what everyone will remember, so we made sure to spend on that. We saved by only providing wine and beer (no top shelf liquor) and for someone who likes dresses as much as I do, I can say that I saved on my wedding dress. I knew exactly what I wanted, I found a boutique that carried the look (Winnie Couture), I tried it on and bought it. Simple as that.

@3DMemoirs “Did you hire a wedding planner or were you a DIY bride?”

I am not a DIY bride, I am not a DIY anything, in fact, the thought of gluing something together and covering it in glitter scares me a little bit. I totally admire crafty gals and wish I had that gene, but it’s just not for me. I’m the girl who ends up with her fingers stuck together and a burnt kitchen, even if heating something wasn’t required. We didn’t really need to hire a wedding planner because we got married at a hotel here in Hawaii so it’s sort of all taken care of for you. I did have day of coordination by Debbie Hemingway, and she was great.

@PhoebeWedding “If you could live anywhere in the world would you still live on your paradise island?”

That’s a tough question. The problem with Hawaii is that my family doesn’t live here, and flying home to see them costs a lot of money and takes at least 8 hours, so I’d have to say no. I’d like to be back in Texas someday to be closer to them, especially if we ever decide to have children.

@3DMemoirs “Can you create an inspiration board that represents ‘Sara’ – the girl all your friends know?”

Sure (see above). To explain the board: I went to high school and college in Texas so I say ‘y’all’ all the time, I have a borderline unhealthy relationship with my iPhone, I’m obsessed with naval history, the ring is there because I enjoy being married to my husband (and I love diamonds), the cat cartoon because my kitten Oliver has taken over my life, the pool because I used to be a competitive swimmer (and have the shoulders to prove it), the old Russian communist poster because my majors in college were political science and Russian, and yes I speak it… Survivor is my all time favorite tv show and I want to compete on it someday, I will, without fail, drink most of the wine at a party, I read a lot and love to collect antique and first edition books, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because I love seeing my family, the airplane represents my love of traveling, the keyboard is for this blog, and the dress from Anthropologie because 90% of my clothes are from that store, and I mostly wear dresses (gives my thighs and butt room for expansion ;-)).

@ArtQuestFlowers “Where do you like to shop and why? Do you like branded stuff or just anything?”

I can’t lie – I like a brand every now and then (Hermés bangles and scarves are my brand weakness), but I don’t discriminate when it comes to shopping. I do prefer Anthropologie, but I do most of that shopping online because there isn’t one here in Hawaii. I will wear whatever I love, but the more structured and colorful it is, the more likely it is to be hanging in my closet.

@3DMemoirs “When did you start your blog, how have you managed to grow your blog and readership, and what are your future goals for Burnett’s Boards?”

My blog started in March of 2012. I wasn’t happy in the job I was in and we had two cats who passed away within a week of each other – it was a pretty stressful time. Everyone deals with things differently and I’m the kind of person who needs to distract myself, so I started this blog. It was a great way to channel my frustrated energies and looking at lovely pictures made me happy :-D. The idea for inspiration boards came from the time I’d spent reading other blogs and inspiration boards are definitely my favorite aspect of the wedding blogging world.

In order to grow my readership I just keep pumping out the eye candy. I think it is important to publish frequently, but also to publish quality. I work really hard to make sure that I’m 110% happy with each and every inspiration board; I refuse to just slap something together because I need a post for the next day and I think that’s one of the reasons readers keep coming back.

@cristinactorres “What were your favorite books as a child?”

The Famous Five Series and anything by Diana Wynne Jones – I grew up in England so The Famous Five were the Nancy Drews for British kids, and Diana Wynne Jones fed my imagination.

@BlushLoveWed “Why do you like weddings so much?”

Who doesn’t!? They are fun, huge, lovely celebrations with lots of friends and family, and amazing dresses and diamonds are involved.

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  1. I love reading your Sunday editions – it’s like catching up with a whirlwind! It’s very apparent that the love of diamonds is a genetic attribute that’s passed along through the maternal line and I too LOVE Survivor, kitties and gallons of wine!

  2. Loved learning a little bit more about the amazing girl behind this amazing blog today! Your wedding was gorgeous, by the way. You were a truly stunning bride!

  3. LOVE that Kitty Paradise pic!