At first glance this wedding inspiration board might say ‘mardi gras’ to you, but it’s not! It’s inspired by Carnival in Venice – isn’t the turquoise and purple color combination lovely? While working on this and thinking about Venice my mind turned to art. Why? Well, fashion blogger Gary Pepper is featured in this board wearing a fabulous green sequin dress from ASOS and the shoot was done in Versailles. Now, if looking at pictures of Versailles and thinking about Venice doesn’t get your mind on art, I don’t know what will. And that got me thinking about wearable art; those one of a kind pieces we all drool over, covet, and will treasure forever because they are true works of art.

For example:

Alexandra Abraham creates beautiful paintings and amazing bangles (< which you can also find on Anthropologie)


 and Jessica Beels creates gorgeous paper sculptures and beautiful jewelry (side note: I happen to own a pair, which I adore!).


So where am I going with all this? If you’re looking for a unique gift to give, one of a kind wearable art is something that the recipient can treasure forever!

photo credits: shoes, lighted initials < from Style Me Pretty, purple ruffle cake, turquoise sequin fabric, purple ranunculus, mask < via John Rennie Photography, sequin dress < from ASOSraffle tickets < from Offbeat Bride,  rsvp cards < via The Bridal Detective, table setting.

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  1. LOVE this color combo and that dress!!! I’m $131.93 poorer, because I just bought it on ASOS. It’ll be perfect for New Year’s. 🙂 The wearable art is pretty amazing, too. You are DANGEROUS to my bank account!

    • oh I am so jealous!! You’ll have to send me a pic of you in it. I was “this” close to buying it but the sleeves scarred me away (I’ve got swimmer arms). I so wish there was a place to try ASOS dresses on!

  2. What a fun celebration this would be! How adorable is the cake! I love the sparkly dress!

  3. Another stunning inspiration board. How do you do it? I’m in love with not only the colors but all the sparkles. Such fun and what great colors together. LOVING the initials in lights.