sage and coral (+ what your wedding dress color means)

coral and sage green wedding colors and inspiration

Blush shades of coral and mint greens have been show stealers this past wedding season (see what I’m talking about here) – but what about changing it up a bit and going with a coral and sage look? They are a lovely combination! And check out that green Vera Wang dress – amazing! Now before you go writing that off listen to this: white wedding dresses are a relatively new trend from just this century in fact. The white wedding dress trend was started by Queen Victoria (and yes, I wrote a post about this WAY back when when I first started this blog) and then it morphed into this whole ‘purity’ thing. Well, not so much because ask any western history or art scholar and they’ll tell you that the color of purity is blue. That’s why when you go to art museums and churches you always see the Virgin Mary in blue.

 And then there is that old wives tale that goes ‘married in green, ashamed to be seen’ etc. Don’t listen! You should wear whatever color wedding dress you feel best in. I mean lets face it, a lot of people just don’t look that great in white. If you are curious about colored wedding dresses, add a few into the mix while you are bridal gown shopping. If you’re a bit timid about straying too far from the norm, look for soft tints of lavender and pink. Add a colored sash or dip dye the bottom of your gown (like Gwen Stefani did or like this orange stunner).

So, back to that crazy old wives tale…

married in green, afraid to be seen (not true!)

Vera Wang green wedding dress

married in gray, will go far away (again – not true.)

gray wedding dress by Vera Wang

married in red, wish yourself dead (so very very untrue – especially in Asian cultures where this color represents good luck!)

Vera Wang red wedding dress

married in blue, always be true (this one passes.)

blue wedding dress

married in yellow, ashamed of your fellow (then why on earth are you marrying him? silly old rhyme.)

yellow wedding dress

married in black, wish yourself back (not even really sure what this line is supposed to mean.)

black wedding dress

married in pink, of you he’ll think (this works!)

pink wedding dress

married in white, sure to go right.

white tulle wedding dress

So what do you think of the old wives tale and colored wedding dresses? Let us know!

photo credits: coral wedding bouquet, Vera Wang Spring 2012 green wedding dress < from Colin Cowie Weddings, melon bowl, succulent favor < via Ruffled, invitations < available on Etsy, macaroons.

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  1. I love the pale pink wedding dresses that I’ve seen but I think my grandmother would read into my color choices a little too much if I chose anything other than white/cream. 😀 I love the coral here!

  2. I love wedding dresses with colour. We did a couple of goth weddings this year with red dresses and they were stunning – very romantic!

  3. I love the sage and coral together – a gorgeous match!

  4. Such cute little succulent thank you gifts!

  5. do you know where the invitation in the first pic is from?

  6. Ha!! I always loved the rhyme because it makes me giggle 😉 Personally, I love a good colored wedding dress!! And I’m one of those people who really don’t look good in white!! 😉

  7. I think that black dress is a best choice for wedding and the bride also looks very awesome in black dress. I also wish to wear a black gown dress on my wedding.

  8. Do you know who the “true blue” gown is by?

  9. Hey, I love the white dress! Do you know who made it?