diamonds (and what your diamond shape says about you)

“It sparkles like Edward Cullen!” – friend who wishes to remain anonymous upon seeing my engagement ring.


We all know about the four Cs of diamonds, but when it comes to diamond engagement rings, one of the first (and I think most important) decisions you have to make if what sort of shape you’d like. Your engagement ring is something you’ll wear with pride for the rest of your life, and the shape says a lot about your style and what kind of girl you are. I’ve always been a fan of the round cut, and when I detected that my then boyfriend (now husband) was in need of some hints, I’ll admit I wasn’t too subtle: “big and round!” Round cut engagement rings are one of the most popular cuts because it’s such a classic shape and never goes out of style. It’s a bit traditional, yes, but it’s still going to look fabulous when you’re rockin’ it in your sixties.

If a round cut is a little too ‘normal’ for you but you still want a sophisticated look choose an oval-shaped diamond engagement ring. They sparkle as much as a round but the elongated look of them makes oval diamonds a bit more elegant and unique.  You may also want to try a marquise shaped diamond. Because of the way they are cut (long and flat) they look a lot bigger than they really are. If you’ve got a flair for drama or want the look for less a marquise engagement ring is right for you. Can’t decide between an oval and a marquise cut? Go with a pear shaped diamond. This cut combines the two of them into a teardrop shape that is both uncommon and uncommonly beautiful.

Princess shaped diamonds are square and are probably the second most popular option after round cut diamonds. Princess shaped engagement rings are for the bride who wants something traditional but with a modern edge to it.

Emerald shaped diamonds show the most flaws, so unless your fiancé is willing to shell out for a flawless diamond, this may not be the best route to go. It has a definite retro inspired look to it though and an art deco vibe that is coming back into style. Another fabulous vintage diamond cut is asscher. And yes, you saw one on Carrie Bradshaw during her engagement to Aiden! While it does have a retro vibe, asscher is a diamond cut for the trendy girls. Radiant cut diamonds look sort of like emerald and asscher diamonds but they glitter a lot more. Radiant diamonds have more facets cut into them so the light bounces off and gives them a stunning sparkle.

Cushion shaped engagement rings have some of the modernity of the princess cut but with softer, rounded corners. If you’re a die-hard romantic – this is the diamond shape for you!

And last, but not least, a heart-shaped diamond is going to put you right into the spotlight because of how unique it is. I mean, think about it: when was the last time you saw someone with a heart-shaped engagement ring? If you’re a trendsetter then this is definitely the diamond for you because you can be sure to stand out in the crowd!


So, what shaped ring do you have (or want) and what do you think it says about you? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. So glad to have stumbled upon your site! The visual and idea goodies are fabulous!

  2. Great info! I have a princess-cut diamond, but I’m loving pear-shaped diamonds at the moment. BTW, your friend’s comment about your engagement ring is possibly the best comment about an engagement ring EVER!

  3. Great post and fabulous pictures!

  4. I love the cushion one, it’s cute and not to stand outy

  5. I was looking for a round solitaire against white gold, and I wanted the diamond to “pop”. It was hard to find without going over our budget. We stumbled upon a marquise cut set against a gold band with channel diamonds on either side of the marquise. It definitely pops and sparkles!

  6. i was set on an emerald cut emerald, then switched to oval cut, classy and unique, im not a fan of princess or round, but finally ended up with a 2.5 peachy morganite pear with rose gold. All my friends said go with an oval classic, side stones, but I prefer to be a bit different and am not afraid of taking chances so I went with the pear, and couldn’t be happier!

  7. I have…none of these! My ring is a fire-rose cut diamond, similar to the asscher but it’s a perfect hexagon. Everybody gushes about how unconventional it was but I guess I never noticed when we bought it because it seemed so classic and vintage–it looks like an antique ring, but still manages to be totally unique.

  8. My ring is a princess-cut with a halo and paved diamonds down the sides.