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red roses wedding It’s not very often that we see red roses used in weddings but I really think they should be – because after all, they mean love! Mix your reds with ivories, creams, and whites to really make this stunning color pop. Another great idea is to ‘propose’ to your bridesmaids by sending them a dozen roses (or any type of flower really) along with a note asking them to be your bridesmaid. Wouldn’t that be sweet? Bonus points if you send them to your girls while they are work – everyone loves getting flowers at work!

I recently received six dozen red roses from the fabulous Flower Muse, and boy oh boy were they perfection. Normally when roses are shipped to Hawaii they arrive in a mess. These, despite being held up in agricultural inspection for a day without water, arrived absolutely flawless. Every single bud was carefully wrapped and came out of the box perfect. There was one small problem though; I do not have enough vases to hold 72 roses! So I decided to play the bride for a day and run around to all my favorite ladies on this island and give them roses (side note: yes I did feel like Emily on The Bachelorette: “will you accept this rose?” 😉 ).

So, who are the fabulous friends I went to visit? Meet them:

I honestly had so much fun today (well, yesterday by the time this post goes up) delivering these beautiful roses from Flower Muse! Now…I don’t write partnered posts for everyone who sends me something pretty in the mail without my asking for it, but I am for Flower Muse because I was truly blown away by how gorgeous these flowers were and the state of perfection that they arrived in. I’d highly recommend them for weddings, special occasions, and casual flower giving alike!

photo credits: Jenny Packman spring/summer 2012 evening gown, church, rose wall and roses in vase, seating area, candle in jar < from Elizabeth Anne Designs, red roses cake, bouquet.

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  1. What a lovely post and what a lovely Oliver reminding us all to stop and smell the roses!

  2. LOVE the fact that you were a flower delivery girl for a day! What great shots you took of these lovely ladies! The roses look ridiculously lush! I don’t think I’ve ever seen red roses that big and pretty!

  3. I love the idea about “proposing to your bridesmaids”! What an adorable idea!
    (And, thank you for the beautiful flower muse roses yesterday. You certainly brightened my day)

  4. The roses and visit were both an amazing treat! Haha – and I ADORE the picture of Oliver smelling the roses at the top of this post!

  5. What a gorgeous dress! And how come I didn’t get any roses! 🙁 Houston to Hawaii surely isn’t THAT much out of your way…