a christmas craft for the tragically uncrafty

My friend and fantastic bloggerina Brenda from Brenda’s Wedding Blog emailed me one day in late November and asked if I wanted to participate in her holiday card swap. Basically, you hand-craft holiday cards and send them to six random people (although two of them turned out to be not so random – I knew them from twitter!). After drafting a response about how I haven’t DIYed anything since the fourth grade and the last time I used glue was for fake eyelashes I decided to stop being such a grinch and participate. Here’s how it went down:

Step 1: Buy crafty things.

Christmas card DIY

Step 2: Wrestle glitter paper away from your cat and then cut it to resemble the sand and some ocean waves.


Step 3: Use amazing glue dots to create the illusion of a beach.


Step 4: Stamp some loving ‘aloha’ all over your Christmas cards and sprinkle liberally with sparkle palm tree stickers.


Step 5: Admire your handiwork!

Step 6: Take a picture of your cat assistant.

Step 7: Write a nice greeting on the inside of each card. Have an extra card on hand because you might misspell ‘holidays.’

Step 8: Insert card into envelope after addressing and stamping them.


Step 9: Use washi tape to seal the envelope because you hate licking envelopes. That and because you’ve seen a new washi tape craft every time you cruise Pinterest.


Step 10: Get your husband/fiancé/boyfriend to mail your cards for you!

Things I learned while crafting these Christmas cards: 1. glue dots are lifesavers 2. my cat Oliver thinks glitter paper is for scratching 3. playing holiday music while creating Christmas cards helps 4. craft supplies are expensive 5. washi tape is pretty cute 6. making holiday cards is actually sort of fun!

I sincerely hope that you’ve enjoyed this post and find the humor in it. If you take any lesson away from my wee baby step into crafting it’s that you shouldn’t be afraid to try something new – at the very least you should be able to get a good laugh out of it! And to the lovely ladies who are receiving my Christmas cards… don’t forget that it’s the thought that counts. 😉

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  1. Um, these are the cutest ever! I want one!!! Oliver seems very excited by them, too!

  2. Glue Dots are the best ever! This are super cute – I want one!

  3. Seriously Sara…these cards are the cutest! I think you’ve been hiding a DIY talent 😉

    • ha! after the stuff I’ve seen you blog?!?! You’re so sweet but I can smell a lie a mile away – even over the internet 😉

  4. I think those cards are cute! What’s all this whining about you not being good at DIY? 😉

  5. They are so cute!! Love that Aloha stamp too!! You did a beautiful job of making a beach scene!! 🙂 Happy Holidays!! xoxo

  6. I love it! Such a fun DIY, happy Holidays and many hugs!

  7. Okay. I have to be honest. This DIY seem challenging for me. Lol I am the worst! These cards are so cute! Regardless of what you feel is good a homemade gift in the mail is the best…hands down!

  8. I love mine! It’s sweet, cheerful, & sunshiny. Way to go crafter!

  9. I received my card and it was a pleasant surprise. Thank you!!

  10. They came out great!

  11. So much fun! It was great to get this holiday gem in the mail box! Happy Holidays!

  12. Love these! I feel handmade cards are a lost art and there is something truly special about them!

  13. I loved receiving my card Sara – it’s just perfect. And, you definitely have a crafting talent that’s been hidden since 4th grade 🙂 Looking at the card makes me smile

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