vendor spotlight: amanda pearl

This week we’ve put Amanda Pearl under the sponsor spotlight! I’ve been a fan of Amanda Pearl’s bags and baubles ever since she came onto my radar. My favorite items are definitely from her crystal collection. If you look at my picture on my about page you’ll notice the earrings I’m wearing are from Amanda Pearl and my favorite bracelet (seen in the logo) is too! So, *drum roll* please welcome Amanda Pearl!

Amanda Pearl

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by so many things… It could be a trip to a museum or gallery, a sculpture in the park, the way the light hits water, nature, film, music, travel.  Sometimes my inspiration gets to be a little “out of this world”.  My F/W 2012 collection, for example, was inspired by the slick and futuristic similarities found in deep space and the deep sea.

How did you get started in your business?

I have always loved to create things and had been collecting beads and fabric, so started to hand sew jewel-like evening bags after I graduated from college while I was looking for a full-time job.  After gaining experience working for other designers for a few years, I launched Amanda Pearl with a collection of evening bags, as there was a dearth of options in the market at the time.  Jewelry came a year later, and ended up being a fun, natural extension of what I was already doing with semi-precious and vintage materials.

What’s in your handbag right now? 

You’d think I had been a Boy Scout in a past life or something, given that “Be Prepared” could be the title of the still life that is my purse contents.  Snacks, music, bandaids and eye drops… you need it?  I’ve got it!

purse loot

If you could pick one item from your shop, which is your favorite and why? 

That’s a tough one!  I’ve put a lot of thought and love into developing everything, particularly the handbags, which require a much more labor-intensive production process.  I’d have to go with my Alessia Clutches – they’re totally mod, yet still have an organic handworked feel to them, since the frame design was originally painted by hand with watercolors.  The clutch acts like a bright gemstone cocktail ring – it obviously works with a black-tie night-out look, but can also be worn to elevate your average dinner attire.  It comes in all my favorite colors – tomato red, fuchsia, and chartreuse (if I have to pick), as well as other special limited edition fabrications.

Pink clutch from Amanda Pearl

red clutch from Amanda Pearl

green clutch from Amanda Pearl

Don’t forget to use the code BURNETTSTYLE when shopping at Amanda Pearl for a discount!

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