top 100 wedding blogs 2013

Every Year Bride Tide puts together a list of the top 100 wedding bloggers and this year I’d be ridiculously honored to run with that pack of amazing blogs. But I need your help!

If you’ve been enjoying your daily dose of wedding inspiration; if you love BB’s Facebook status updates; if you tweet with me; if you love reading The Sunday Edition; if you enjoy the Instagram pictures of Oliver in his cat outfits;

Then please nominate Burnett’s Boards.

This is really important for two big reasons:

1. It helps other brides find Burnett’s Boards and all that this wedding blog has to offer.

2. It helps sponsors find me, which keeps batteries in my keyboard.

But wait! You get THREE votes! So I thought I’d recommend some of my favorite wedding blogs for you to consider:

Le Magnifique: Lots of gorgeousness and has a definite Euro chic twist. Plus she’s doing all this while pregnant with twin boys, that’s got to count for something!

Fab You Bliss: A lovely lifestyle/wedding blog combo and adorable puppy posts to boot.

Gig Master’s Wedding Blog: the perfect soundtrack for your wedding.

The Mountainside Bride: this blog’s name says it all!

Heart Love Weddings: She’s got the best DIY projects ever and tells the sweetest love stories about each couple she features.

Every Last Detail: This blog shares my love for all the beautiful details that make your big day truly special.

Glamour and Grace: The go to guide for handmade weddings with a lovely vintage twist.

Bridal Musings: beautiful weddings, daily.

Modern Weddings Hawaii: The definitive guide for the Hawaii bride! Best beach shots in world – seriously.

Limn & Lovely: lovely fresh and modern inspiration every single day

Kiss My Tulle: Perfect for the budget babes. She’s got the best tips for saving some money when it comes to your wedding.

Modernly Wed: For the modern bride. This blog has a great sense for clean lines and spacious imagery.

The Budget Savvy Bride: Always great inspiration for DIY weddings and wallet friendly tips.

Brenda’s Wedding Blog: Seriously amazing giveaways literally every week.

3D Memoirs: Knows everything that’s awesome on Etsy.


photo credits (from before I photoshopped all over them…) vodka shirt, batman, doodle bear.

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Editor of Burnett's Boards, which she founded to showcase global creativity in the wedding industry. Sara currently lives out of a suitcase while island hopping the Caribbean and beyond. Learn More // Follow on Instagram.


  1. Well, if Adam West Batman tells me to do it, I will. 🙂

  2. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for including us, Sara! XOXO

  3. Done! Best wishes Sara, Burnett’s Boards deserves to run with that pack!

  4. Thank you for including me (and my twin boys) hehe 🙂 Love ya!!

  5. Thanks for the mention, very sweet of you. ps. I voted for you and your lovely boards! 🙂

  6. Thank you Sara for including my 3D-Memoirs in your list of recommended blogs!! So honored and excited! I’ll definitely vote for you and I hope you are in the top 100 as you should be…. and I’d love to make it too! 🙂

  7. Thanks so much for including us at GigMasters. You know, we were on the list last year and I had no idea that you could nominate people! Consider yourself voted for!