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Champagne diamond cluster ring diamond and ruby engagement ring cluster ring red coral and diamond engagement ring Princess diamond engagement ring with a reverse setting Coral and moonstone cluster engagement ring Turquoise and diamond engagement ring sapphire cluster ring different stones ring black diamond ring Three diamond engagement ring Alexandrite stone ring diamond cluster ring

When I ran across the diamond and red coral ring in this lineup (fourth down) floating around on a lonely corner of Pinterest I instantly fell in love. Diamonds and red coral are my two favorite stones (if you can call red coral that). On my recent trip to Fiji I literally spent half a day combing the sand for washed up bits of red coral. Red coral grows really deep down in the ocean and is nearly impossible to get unless it breaks off with age and ends up on a shore somewhere.

It was the red coral pieces that made me realize just how special Mociun rings are. They are perfect for the bride-to-be who wants to stand out from the crowd with a truly one-of-a-kind piece. You can mix and match birthstones (perhaps you and your fiancé’s), favorite colors, and unique shapes and settings along with traditional diamonds all on one band. A Mociun ring is also a great choice for environmentally and socially conscious brides. According to her bio page, sustainable business practices are important to Caitlin – the designer behind the line, as is beautiful craftsmanship.

I’m clearly in love with these little works of art. Are you?

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  1. Oh my goodness, these are fabulous (and not just for engagements or weddings)!

  2. Yes, totally! I simply MUST have that diamond and red coral ring! These are wonderful.

  3. These are incredible!!

  4. My goodness, I LOVE these!

  5. Beautiful rings!

  6. I’m dying! So beautiful.

  7. I am sorry I don’t see a link to buy these rings, where might I buy one from??

  8. These rings are so unique! Love it & the color combos & set-ups, amazing!

  9. I know that these are Mociun rings but I can’t seem to find the ring you have posted on here that is three diamonds with a turquoise bead on each side. Could you tell me where to find this for purchase?

  10. These are amazing!!!


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