princess peach

light pink and blue wedding inspiration board Do I have any Mario Kart fans out there? Or perhaps anyone who remembers playing Super Mario Brothers video games? Well I certainly did! And when playing Mario Kart I always insisted on being Princess Peach because a. I think she’s the only girl character on there and b. she’s pretty. Well, I thought I’d put together an inspiration board to honor this lovely lady.

I’ve written about this before (here), but I can’t stress enough how important it is to not take your inspiration too literally (in some cases). Unless you want an over the top Super Mario Brothers themed wedding (which I have actually seen before and loved, but it’s not for everyone) then just look at the colors you like, the sentiment of it all, and go from there. For Princess Peach I used her color palette: pink and blue, but swapped it around a bit. A pale blue wedding dress is not only stunning but it’s really unexpected. Add lots of girlie details, cake icing that looks ‘royal,’ and a couple of quirky touches like cloud cookies that resemble those in the video games and before you know it you’ve got a perfectly pretty Princess Peach themed wedding!

Princess Peach

photo credits: bride in pale blue wedding dress < via Style Me Pretty, cloud cookies & floral centerpiece < via Decor 8, blue Manolo Blahnik shoes, cake pops < from Wedding Chicks, rose quartz, blush cake, Princess Peach.

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  1. I really love peach – this is beautiful!

  2. This is really pretty! Not usually a fan a blue, but this is great!

  3. I love that you referenced our Mario Kart playing days. Great job on the board as usual.

  4. Hehe…Your sources of inspiration are unbeatable! I love how you went pale with it…and managed to include clouds! Lovely! I was terrible at Mario Kart but had all-night Donkey Kong benders fueled by banana smoothies. I would love to see that turned into an inspiration board!

  5. Aww love this! Love Princess Peach!

  6. This is really YUMMY !!

  7. Where did you get your dress???


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