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wedding ideas Happy Sunday everyone! Last weekend my husband threw me a surprise birthday party – I still can’t believe he pulled that one over on me! I’d never had a surprise party before and it was loads of fun. The about/new reader page has been totally revamped; you should check it out because it includes a list of the most popular posts from this blog and loads of reasons why you need inspiration boards in your life. Oliver has a new hoodie (scroll down to see him in it – it says ‘Mom’s Little Heart Breaker’), it’s not as spiffy as his sweater vests but even the nerdiest of cats needs some casual clothes, right? By the way – there is no way to edit that last sentence so that I don’t sound like a crazy cat lady, but I’m pretty open with my readers around here so I’m just going to let it be ;-).

I’ve got loads of lovely inspiration boards to share with you this upcoming week but before then let’s take a look at what went on around the wedding blog world:

1. This vintage inspired woodland shoot on Bridal Musings is all kinds of amazing!

2. Fab You Bliss shared a beautiful forest wedding with a 1920s twist.

3. Creatrix Photography’s rustic island plantation shoot on Modern Weddings Hawaii is a total must see.

4. Some very good advice for newly engaged couples on Kiss my Tulle.

5. I found these cute tiny celebration packs at Catbird.

6. Fall in love with this glitter wire chair sign DIY.

7. This Philadelphia wedding on Modernly Wed has a show stopping bridesmaid’s bouquet.

8. And Southbound bride rounded up some of the most creative ways to use writing at your wedding!


cat in a hoodie

Oliver’s new hoodie

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  1. Whoa on that woodland shoot! I’ve definitely never seen a reindeer—or a real owl—in a wedding shoot before! Also, being a crazy cat lady myself, I always appreciate new pics of Oliver that show off his latest fashions. 🙂

  2. Those flowers are gorgeous! And of course…thanks for including me in the board as well! Happy Sunday lovely lady 🙂