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So, before we get on with our Sunday Edition I wanted to introduce a new feature you’ll be seeing around here (well… I’ll try it out for a bit and see if y’all like it) but yesterday I had a brain wave. I thought to myself – ‘what if a bride doesn’t want to keep the whole board and just wants to pin an image from it?’ Well, I’ve tried to make that easy for you to do with the gallery underneath each inspiration board. You can click on each image and it pops out to show its entirety (because often I’ll just use part of a picture) and you can pin whatever images you like! Check it out in yesterday’s post and let me know what you think of it – I’m on the fence about it.

There was a whole lot of lovely around the wedding world this week and one awesome iPhone purchase that I’ve got to tell you about:

1. Don’t miss this breathtaking peach wedding in Ibiza on Fly Away Bride.

2. I noticed and loved Amanda & Jordan’s ย backyard wedding on Limn and Lovely a month or two ago but then I found out from the photographer, Katie Nesbitt,ย that this couple’s last name is REALLY similar to mine AND this cute bride started her own blog. It wasn’t so long ago that I started this blog (not even a year ago) and I love it when I hear about people starting new blogs. It’s exciting, scary, fun, and totally addicting all at once.

3. How He Asked is my new internet obsession and this sweet engagement story must be read.

4. Modernly Wed posted a great courtyard wedding with fabulous pops of bright yellow.

5. Cris from Kiss My Tulle broke down her $5000 dollar wedding budget and shared it with us all.

6. Learn how to create these amazing DIY moss letters on The Budget Savvy Bride.

7. I bought a new iPhone case from Photojojo and it has different lenses on it – if you’re an iPhone addict like I am you should definitely check it out. It’s super fun and the pic at the bottom of this post was taken with the heart lens. Love it!


iphone lens


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  1. Thanks for including Amanda and Jordan’s backyard wedding! It’s one of my favorites! I love that Amanda started her own blog. I had no idea, but everything about it is awesome. Also, thanks for discovering How He Asked. Those proposal stories put 99% of guys to shame!

  2. Thanks for giving Amanda’s new blog a shout out! Her wedding was one of my favorites I’ve ever shot, partly because she is such a joy and she has such great taste! I love her and I know she’s so pumped to have her new baby (the blog) mentioned here!

  3. Loved the new feature lots coz I tried doing it before and it didn’t work .. Way to go ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Thanks for featuring our Ibiza wedding! And definitely go with the image gallery feature. Great idea!