how to brand your wedding

branding your weddingI’m really excited to announce a whole new category here on Burnett’s Boards – Design & Styling! This feature will run every Wednesday and cover an array of topics geared towards helping you make your wedding as amazing as it can be. For our first post in this series we’re taking a look at how to brand your wedding. Wedding branding is sort of like inspiration boards 2.0 – I’ll explain!

branding your wedding

Usually when some asks you to name a brand you love you immediately think of a company or logo (like Apple). But a brand is SO much more than just a logo! Along with design elements a brand encompasses a feeling, a personality, and values. The elements that make a brand cohesive are things like a logo, fonts, color schemes, textures, and even sounds.

One common misconception: a wedding brand is not a theme. But a themed wedding can be branded!

branding your weddingA lot of parties and events these days are branded – why shouldn’t your wedding be? After all – a wedding is supposed to represent YOU as a couple. Branding your wedding really boils down to paying attention to the details, and we all know that it’s not necessarily the biggest budget weddings that are the most beautiful or memorable, but the ones that really let the couple shine and personal touches help do this. Brainstorming and working on a ‘brand’ for the two of you is a perfect way to plan your wedding, and the outcome is more likely than not going to be gorgeous, personal, memorable, and all about you two.

branding your wedding

1Looks & Mood: Determine what you want your wedding to look like. When you close your eyes and picture your big day are you making a grand entrance in a princess gown with heaps of flower petals strewn along the aisle or do you see yourself and you fiancé holding hands at the beach with your closest friends and family? Or perhaps you picture yourself in a rustic Italian villa with good food, wine, and conversation among guests under the night sky? You can boil this vision down to a phrase for easy communication such as “rustic villa” “intimate beach” or “high-end lavish” etc.

2Colors, Patterns, & Textures: Now that you have an idea of what it looks like & have your vision pared down to your keywords you can determine colors, patterns, and textures. (Shameless plug ahead) This is where inspiration boards come into play! Look for color palettes and patterns that really speak to you and work well with your ideal venue. Colors and patterns can set the mood and tone so choose wisely! Ornate patterns in gold and black scream high-end and if you add some exposed wood and other organic textures you can take it vintage-glam. Bold colors and chevron or geometric patterns are vibrant and playful and with certain color palettes they can also go retro.

3Logo & Motifs: Your save-the-dates and wedding invitations are the first thing your guests see so it’s important to work with your invitation designer in customizing the look of them. Nikkol of Peter Loves Jane blog & Etsy store does this really well – notice the arrow motif in the first invitation below and the beautiful use of branches in the second. Together you can come up with a logo for your wedding (tip: ask for a copy of your logo or motif that does not include the date of your wedding. Once you are married you can use the design for return address labels, stationary, and other such things.) Some couples love the monogrammed look, and others prefer custom drawings or a symbol that represents their unity or wedding theme. Whatever you choose use it throughout your wedding!

arrow wedding invitation suite from Peter Loves Janebird and branch wedding invitation suite from Peter Loves Jane

4Fonts: Fonts are pretty important when branding your wedding. Pick them early, use them on everything, and don’t change your mind three weeks before your wedding. You should choose two or three fonts to use on everything (with your logo or motif) from your save-the-dates, wedding day programs, menus, wedding website, RSVP cards, escort cards, custom bottle labels, favor tags, all the way down to your thank you cards. Using the same (and appropriate fonts) for these elements will help to tie everything together and add personal touches to all the little details that really make your wedding yours.

Here are a few fonts ideas for different wedding styles:

wedding fonts Trendy: 1. Bombshell Pro // 2. Carolyna Pro // 3. Jaques & Gilles // 4. Anna Clara

Vintage: 5. Californya // 6. Bellucia Stylistic 

Whimsical: 7. Peoni Pro // 8. Aya Script // 9. Saint Agnes 

Hipster: 10. Paris Sherif

5Details: Now here is where you work with your wedding vendors on bringing your wedding brand to life. Show them your inspiration board, your fonts, your save-the-dates and invitations and go from there. Your florist will recommend flowers and textural details that will compliment the look you’re going for and your wedding stylist will help pull it all together and make it look fabulous.

Talk to your catering company and bar tending service about a signature cocktail in a color from your chosen palette, think about ordering cocktail napkins that include your wedding logo or motif, and choose menu items that reflect your keywords from step 1 like hearty and rustic or elegant and refined etc. And of course – the wedding cake is often a centerpiece so don’t forget to make sure that it reflects your brand as well.

Sound is another branding element that shouldn’t be overlooked. This seems pretty basic but don’t forget that your music should complement the environment you’re trying to create. At my wedding we had live jazz and it suited the romantic and upscale feeling we were shooting for. I was at a friend’s wedding in Virginia (this one) this past summer and the bluegrass band was the perfect choice for the outdoor tented reception.

What do you think about ‘branding your wedding’? Let us know!


All images courtesy of Nikkol from Peter Loves Jane who will also be sharing more in-depth information on this very topic here soon!

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