the glamorous* life of a wedding blogger

*that word is not accurate.

Side note: I also thought about calling this post: why I don’t have my own reality TV show.

Free download via The Love Collectiveprofessional-wedding-bloggerA while ago I wrote about ‘why I hate the B word’ – as in blogger. It sparked a bit of a conversation amongst myself and other wedding bloggers and we all got to thinking about what it is like, and what it means to be a professional wedding blogger.

Wedding blogs (…and wedding bloggers) come in every shape, style, and size imaginable. Some feature real weddings, others (like myself) are curation based. Then there are also vendor blogs that are used to promote their business, and bride blogs which brides use to chronicle their journey into wedding land. And that’s great! The sheer number of blogs out there is what makes the internet a magical place. Diversity is a beautiful thing and each of those blogs has a unique voice.

The key difference though is the word ‘professional’ and what I mean by that is that a professional wedding blogger earns an income/living from their blog (in my case read as: ‘tries to’) .

Professional wedding bloggers pay taxes, adhere to a set of standards with regards to crediting, are transparent with sponsored posts, and a whole multitude of other things that come from being a small business owner (in my case read as: ‘really small’ business owner – BB is a one woman show!).

blogger-daysWell, it’s not just creating and scheduling gorgeous posts for you to see. It’s also keeping up with all of our social media accounts, working on our websites, mastering SEO, answering countless emails, networking, supporting our peers by reading & commenting on their blogs, reviewing submissions, promoting our sponsors, moderating comments, replying to comments, communicating with advertisers, the list goes on. But trust me –  it takes 8+ hours a day just to keep your head above it all. And I’m counting weekends too.

glamorous-bloggingDefinitely not. Yes, we get to go to some cool (and definitely pretty) industry events and in my case I look at lots of stunning pictures every day, but for the most part, I blog in my PJs, I stay up late working on trying to make my site the best it can be, I have heart attacks when I crash my own site, spend hours creating inspiration boards, rip my hair out when I find misspellings on old posts (I’m sorry perfectionists – but it happens!) and I can’t lie – spending so much time at my computer, which is just a few rooms from my kitchen, has also caused some unwanted weight gain. Plus, I spend a lot of my ‘free time’ reading about SEO, learning how to use plugins, learning CSS and HTML, and reading about web design.

Free download via The Love Collectivewhy-blogShort answer: 1. For my readers 2. It’s addictive, and 3. The wedding blogger community is awesome.

I love getting feedback from my readers. Nothing is more thrilling than when I am cruising through Pinterest and notice one of my posts pinned onto a board titled ‘my dream wedding.’ I enjoy seeing people like my work on Facebook, and I obviously love creating reader requested inspiration boards.

Blogging is addictive. I don’t know how to explain that in another way. If you blog then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The wedding blogger community is amazing!  Everyone has been really kind, supportive, and we try to be each other’s cheerleaders. I’ve gotten website advice, shoulders to cry on, pep talks, and laughter from these ladies and I sincerely hope that I do the same for them. I know we’ve taken a really round-about way of getting here, but  that’s what this post is about.

I’d like to introduce you to The Love Collective. I’m forever indebted to The Love Collective for all the support and guidance these ladies have given me and without it I know that Burnett’s Boards wouldn’t be where it is today. The Love Collective is a community of professional wedding bloggers, created not only to network, inspire, grow, but also create a standard for wedding blogging as a profession. If you’re already a professional wedding blogger, or striving to become one, you should definitely check it out (and score some of these inspirational wallpapers that I’ve peppered throughout this post!)

Interested in what other members of the The Love Collective are saying about all this? Check out this totally honest post from Kiss My Tulle, this super educational one from Every Last Detail, and admire Heart Love Weddings’ insanely neat desk here. Need more? Mountainside Bride found a hilariously accurate video about what it’s like to be a blogger, and The Budget Savvy Bride took a fabulous, in-depth look into our lives.

Got any questions or comments about what it’s like to be a wedding blogger? Ask away!

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  1. I knew by the title that this one was going to be good! My situation as a blogger is equally unglamorous. Like you, I spend all day in my pj’s (not even cute ones) and am scarily close to a rapidly dwindling cache of cheese at all times. I think my hair is literally starting to dreadlock because it never sees shampoo, brushes, or styling tools anymore. So, yeah, pretty unglamorous. Blogging professionally (or at least attempting to blog professionally) is tiring, but it’s also, as you say, strangely addictive. Maybe it’s the thrill of building something.

    I’m going to have to check out The Love Collective! I’ve seen it in passing, but I’ve never really looked into what it’s all about. I, too, am very grateful for my handful of supporters, you included!

    • This is too funny Lauren because whenever I tweet with you or read your blog I picture the way you look in your wedding photographs – which is a prettier version of Barbie. Now I’m going to have to altar that vision to Barbie with dreadlocks – which is actually pretty awesome!

  2. Such a great post. Seeing the list of all we do in a day makes me feel even more overwhelmed. And I have on average less than 4 hrs to work each day now with a new little baby, so blogging can be quite stressful. But the rewards that come along with blogging make it all worth the effort. I love making brides and vendors happy.

    • I was nothing but 110% impressed with how you were able to keep up with posting during and after your pregnancy! Babies are such gifts and blogging should totally take 2nd place to family!

  3. Great post I ditto everything you say (especially the wait gain!) and yes it is definatly an 8+ hours a day job, I avergae 13 hours a day but ave at last managed to give myself a day off a week.xxxxx

  4. Great post Sara! I’ve been addicted to my blog for nearly two years now and it’s so great to know that there are other wedding bloggers who totally get what we do {and love}! Still haven’t got my head around CSS or HTML and often lay awake at night reading about SEO… p.s I’m sat here in my pj’s too… p.p.s wouldn’t change a thing

  5. Preach on sista, esp about those completely whack, have nothing to do with our site, PR, guest blogging offer, emails, that we have to fend off… Grr, lol! Which reminds me… I’d love to write a guest post for ya on changing a tire, ya know, brideys love that stuff 😉

  6. This was so great to read! I’m so glad I’m not the only one in pjs ( I swear, I’m trying to put on jeans at least 4 days a week!) But aside from that, you’ve listed it all perfectly – all the components there are to juggle, and how on any given day one can take priority over the other. You manage it all so well, though! I am especially aware the supporting your peers part – you are fantastic at that. I am always so thrilled when I have a comment or share from you. You truly support everyone around you and you are one of the reasons I love to “go” to work each day!

    • You’re too sweet Sukey! It was such fun to collaborate with you and i count you among the most supportive people on the web!

  7. Very interesting post on your blogging experience in the wedding niche. I’m in the area of wedding entertainment and though I certainly don’t blog 8+ hours a day, it is a very important part of my job in that it engages my visitors and keeps me fresh in their minds.

    • I totally agree that blogging is a very important part of a vendor’s life. Brides will turn away from a vendor if they don’t see their blog updates because they assume they are not getting any business which in their minds means they must not be any good!

  8. Ha ha glad so many other bloggers are out there busily blogging in PJs! 😀 When I get into my jeans now they feel all weird (um, and tight- hello extra pounds!) Thanks yourself for your support and the inspiration you give us every day (literally!) Hope you get to take some time for yourself, you seem like a crazy hard worker! Gonna go check out The Love Collective, sounds like a really great concept.

  9. Crap. I should have used your title for my post (because the photos of me pre-showering and working… GLAM!). Love this. Love how you talked about learning code and SEO. It’s an ongoing challenge and can be so frustrating at times! Love, love, love this post.

    • no kidding! Every time google announces an algorithm change I hold my breath and pray my stats don’t drop off a cliff because of it!

  10. Loved this Sara! It’s true, we have one heck of a learning curve, technology and google updates constantly changing… it’s alot to keep up with! And yes to the weight gain. My life is fairly sedentary these days, I need to start making time to get moving 🙂

    • You hit the nail on the head with the words ‘learning curve’ Jessica! And seriously it was SO STEEP when I first started. Things are better now but I can honestly say it took me from March – August to ‘get there’ & I couldn’t have done it without the TLC ladies – and I still have SO MUCH more to learn!

  11. Totally agreed about the learning curve! But I’ve found that TLC members are cutting that learning curve down by sharing ideas and insights and generally being supportive of one another 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing new faces soon 🙂

  12. Thank you for the fab post! And you are so correct, it IS addictive – sometimes my hubby thinks I am more married to my Mac than him!! I’m off to check out The Love Collective now, thank you for you fab blog! x

  13. Sara,
    I swear you hit it right on the nail! These are the reasons we follow you. Always on point! xoxo

  14. It’s crazy how much I relate to this post! From the “tries to” make an income to keeping up with the seemingly never-ending to dos, to yes, oh yes, the reading about SEO and web design on weekends (or, like I’m doing now- reading and commenting on blogs on late Friday nights! So glamorous, right?) Haha. I’m really excited about the Love Collective. I love the backgrounds and I would REALLY like to connect with pro wedding bloggers. I would like Fit for a Bride to have A LOT more wedding content (it’s a bit unbalanced now with more ‘fitness’ than wedding inspiration, but I’m working on that). Anyway, going to see about joining 🙂 Thank you for your comment today, PS 🙂 And I LOVE your blog. It’s GORGEOUS!!!

    • Thanks for your kind words!!! Fit for a Bride is a lovely blog and I really enjoyed reading your journey into blog land (loved the branding post)!

  15. great post! I definitely agree with you on all of this. It’s a full time job, LOTS of juggling, but very rewarding in many ways:)

  16. Great post Sara! The Love Collective sounds amazing. x

  17. I love your post! You have been so wonderful and encouraging to me! You have no idea how thankful I am for you! 🙂

  18. You keep it real and I think people connect with that most of all!

  19. Thank you for this post. And thank you for supporting the community so much, you’re definitely doing such a great job with this (I promise I will get there, too!)!!
    I am so with you on the addiction, the learning curve, the weight curve (hahaha), and the PJs. I bet my son sometimes thinks his Mum has a white glowing Apple for a face :-).
    Off to check out the Love Collective…. 🙂

  20. Sara……this is a great post and I’m sure any blogger can relate to it. I, too, spend 8+ hours a day on my blog. I try to keep away from it on the weekends, but it is very addictive. I have my blog as a small business, but am still learning to juggle things because I work a full time job during the day. I wish I could spend my day in pj’s, but it’s a business suit during the day for me and I blog in the evening. I usually stay up late to get the work done for the blog. My husband says I’m married to the blog! After working a full time job and attending MANY sporting events during the week for my two teenaged sons, ages 13 & 15, I only have time in the evenings. OMG…’s after midnight now….I’m going to bed!

  21. Great post and very apt for me at the mo…..I’m in the middle of a redesign and want to blog tons more – but I also have a day job – so I can’t blog in my PJs – meh! Good to know I’m not the only one who gets a bit overwhelmed from time to time – and I’m finding out just what a great, supportive bunch this wedding bloggy lot are – thanks all 🙂 x

  22. I am so enjoying these posts about the life of a wedding blogger. In fact, I am in pjs right now as I work! Ugh, and no makeup today, since I didn’t see any grown ups but the school bus driver and the babysitter all day 😉

  23. Sounds like the life of a wedding photographer also. Good luck to you and keep up the great work.

  24. So interesting! I’m just getting started as a wedding blogger and I find the look into your life very interesting. Thank you so much for sharing and linking to all those other great posts. The wedding blog community seems lovely and I’m happy to be a part of it!

  25. Sing it Sister!

  26. Thanks so much for such a great post! Having just started out myself, it is great to read that others are in the same boat (and that we are all wearing our jarmies in said boat!). I’m heading straight to The Love Collective now to check it out… xx

  27. I absolutely love this! I started my blog, The Overwhelmed Bride, last August 2013 so I’m still very new to the game. It all started for fun as I was a coordinator for the past 6 years and have truly turned into an addiction! I’m constantly writing new ideas on my phone notepad, hoping to come up with new and fun ways to stand out from the rest, although it’s difficult because so much has been done!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration

  28. Hi,
    I found your blog because I was thinking of getting into blogging myself…now I’m not so sure.
    To explain my bf and I have been talking about getting married for a while but we aren’t engaged due to some money issues.

    He’s currently laid off (although we hope that will change here in the next few weeks!) and I’m working as a legal document processor (yes, it is as boring as it sounds) but I work a full schedule in the evenings and weekends for not as much money as I was hoping my first post-college job would pay.

    Anyway my real passion is writing, but I feel I’m able to write personally with more ease than I am able to write fiction (I get hung up, feel like it’s cheesy or something and then I get writer’s block, plus I don’t have a lot of time to write).

    I was recently thinking of starting a blog about our eventual wedding. However, I’ve thought of doing more than just that, but I don’t even know where to begin. If I successfully blog about our wedding, when that’s done do I want to continue blogging about weddings? Or food? Or maybe something kid related? (I have a son who’s 8 and has ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder so I could write quite a lot on that subject).

    Anyway I digress, my idea for the wedding blog would be a budget diy wedding. I would post our budget and keep track of everything so that any readers I might have (if I have any that is! lol) could keep track with me and see, do I make it? Can I go under the budget or will we go over? (I certainly hope not) See the thing is, while we obviously aren’t getting into planning the wedding until we could actually afford to spend the average amount that couples spend on a wedding, we both feel with some clever creativity we could have a beautiful wedding for less.

    Sorry this is so long. I guess I’m basically looking for some advice. I don’t really care about it as a profitable thing, I’m well aware it would be very hard to get it to that point, I guess I just like to share my ideas and thought it might help someone.

    Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start blogging?

    • Aloha Kristen! Thanks for your comment. My advice is that if you’re looking for a creative outlet and you just want to blog about your own wedding & the journey there then go for it. If you’re looking to earn some extra money from your wedding blog – it’s REALLY hard. It took me a full year of constant work on it to finally turn a profit. And I still barely call it ‘profitable.’ There are a lot of expenses with hosting a blog that has advertising that a lot of people don’t know until they do it – hosting costs, security, custom plugins, designs, etc etc. Not to mention all the time.

      For a personal blog I would go with a free site like something you can find on or If you’re looking to make money you need to self host and buy a url.

      There’s so much I’ve learned from starting a blog that I wouldn’t even know where to begin to explain it. Your best bet it to try blogging on and see if it’s really for you!

      Hope this helps.


  29. Beautiful unveiled view of a bloggers life, I will defiantly check out The Love Collective as I have been blogging for nearly 2 years now along with having irish twin boys. I love how you put things in perspective and don’t glitter over everything. I wish I had read these posts before I jumped heels first into this career. We traveled to bridal fashion week this past year for the seasons, however I have felt like a duck in an empty pond and can not wait to join a group for the encouragement and support.

  30. I’m so late to this party but I just discovered your “thoughts on blogging” series and have been reading them like a madwoman – they’re all so terrific, Sara! I hadn’t heard of The Love Collective but just checked it out and submitted an application – it sounds like a wonderful community and I hope to be a part of it soon! 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this series – it’s so refreshing to read honest, informative and pretty darn funny posts on the wedding blogging world.

  31. Hi Sara,

    Absolutely love this post. I have recently just decided to start a blog called The Blue Bouquet Bride all about wedding inspiration and planning ideas and just see how it goes. I work at a wedding venue and I am just so interested in weddings, so thought I’d have a go. It’s been so daunting just looking at other wedding blogs. This post just really helped me to chill out abit and just have a go and see where it takes me (hopefully proffessionally). Hopefully have a chat with you one day! Thanks!

  32. Hey there! 🙂

    I just came across your blog, and love it! I’m always looking for wedding blogs to associate myself with. I am a wedding photographer that blogs weekly tips and inspiration for brides planning their wedding. I’m a photographer first and foremost, but my love of weddings and writing led me to adding wedding blog posts to my site.

    You check out my blog if you’d like:

    Anyways, I just wanted to let you know you have a new follower that loves what you are doing!

    Have a great day 🙂

    – Julia

  33. thatbridalblush says

    HI! I’m a new wedding blogger that is just starting to build a following. I totally agree with everything you said! I always find bloggers who are able to support themselves from their blog so inspirational. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. 🙂

  34. Hey your blog is really nice, i was also planning to start my own blog this will really help 🙂

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