hair pieces, belts & veils from hushed commotion

Sifting through the common and finding the unique in the world of bridal accessories can be a challenge and that’s why I’m so pleased to present Hushed Commotion to you! Hushed Commotion bridal accoutrements are elegant and whimsical, and if you’re seeking the perfect finishing touch for your wedding day look you’ll find it here. These romantic pieces are made to order and made with love! Thea Bloch-Neal, the creative genius behind this beautiful brand was kind enough to let us interview her – enjoy!

Hushed Commotion bridal accessories Q: How would you define a ‘Hushed Commotion’ bride? A: The brides I work with have so much fun with their weddings! I find that my brides are so creative, I work a lot in gold, so if they are inspired by my style they often have a bit of love for vintage styles. I like to think of my brides as enjoying the details, without letting those details overwhelm their look.

Q: Where do you find inspiration for your bridal accessories? Luckily, I live in a city that is ripe with inspiration – New York! Sometimes it will be something on the street that catches my eye, other times it is really the fabric or embroidery designs that speak to me. I can’t order anything online because I need to touch it and work with it to know how I am going to use it. I do also love looking through old Liz Taylor books and Vogue magazines.

Hushed Commotion bridal accessories birdcage veil from Hushed CommotionQ: What has been your proudest moment as a designer & business woman? Working on special order pieces is always a wonderful journey for me, the brides are so delighted to see their vision of an accessory come to life. It’s a bit nerve racking at the last viewing, but the joy on their faces makes it all worth it!

Hushed Commotion bridal accessories Hushed Commotion veils and hair accessories Hushed Commotion veil and bridal hair accessories Q: What would your dream wedding look like? Hard question! I feel like my style and the style of weddings is always evolving and inspiring me, so I am sure that in a year I will have changed my mind… but for now, I would say: The French countryside. The light is stunning there and it would be so amazing to rent out a rustic house. I image it having a huge backyard and a patio so that we could have the whole thing right there! We could invite our closest friends and family to stay with us and just enjoy the weekend. I have been loving the new trend of printed wedding gowns, in a soft palette, and of course with a wonderful gold headpiece to match!

Black bridal helt and feather clip from Hushed Commotion Hushed Commotion bridal hair accessoriesHushed Commotion belts, veils, and hair accessories can be found at bridal boutiques in New York, Chicago, and Milwaukee or online. I’d like to give a big mahalo to Thea for letting us interview her, Jen Huang for these beautiful images, and StylesonB for the lovely hair!

Which piece is your favorite?

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