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Welcome to the Sunday Edition! Before we get to it I wanted to let you know that I wrote a guest post on Mountainside Bride this week with an action plan for what to do if you decide to have a child-free wedding and get a lot of kickback for it from your family and friends. You’re either going to completely agree with me or think I’m a troll, but either way you should check it out!

1. Braco Prata shared an absolutely stunning engagement shoot. Seriously – this shoot is EVERYTHING an engagement shoot be. Simple, romantic, beautifully shot, and all about the couple.

2. Style Sweets Magazine shared a stylishly rustic inspiration shoot.

This is prefaced with ‘don’t judge me:’ 3. I’m throwing Oliver a 1st birthday party, asking the guests to bring donations for the homeless cat shelter here on Oahu instead of gifts, AND when I asked twitter for some cat birthday party ideas this amazing and professionally photographed party for Mr. Humperdink the Cat was shared. It’s a must see!

4. Take a peek at some Easter DIY ideas that Roses & Lace rounded up.

5. Bridal Musings shared pictures of the loveliest cakes from Hello Naomi.

6. If you’re looking for some great outfit options for your engagement shoot, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner be sure to stop by Fab You Bliss.

7. Belle & Chic posted a simply stunning beach wedding in Italy.

8. This Samantha Wynne bridal collection on Polka Dot Bride is a knockout!

love fromain't nobody got time for that!This meme (thank you Sweet Brown!) seems hugely appropriate to sum up the last couple weeks. As PR strategies for the new year are approved we’ve all been inundated with requests for free posts, tweets, pins etc from various companies, and frankly – this art print from Sara Eshak says it all.

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  1. Thank you so much for including our Easter round-up Sara! xx

  2. I am utterly speechless over Mr. Humerdink’s birthday party!!! After seeing that and knowing Oliver will be getting a party, I now feel comfortable throwing my fur baby a birthday extravaganza. Sadly, she was adopted, and I’m not quite sure when she was born. Her birth certificate lists her mother as “Jezebel” and her father as “Unknown.”

    Also, that meme is so apt! I am totally with you about requests for free posts and the like. The phrase “Seriously, WTF?” goes through my head every single time I get one of those e-mails.

    • LOL on the Jezebel reference 😉 Fur baby parties- they are the best!! Oliver was adopted too – on July 4th and they estimated his age at 2 months we just call his b-day May4th… but who really knows. You’d never guess he came off the streets of Wahiawa. He was a cuddle boy on day 1!

  3. …SO happy that you loved Mr. Humerdink’s birthday party that I shared with you on twitter! It’s darling, isn’t it? I’m a dog lover but even that invitation was too adorable… makes me almost want a cat 😉

  4. Ah…thank you for including me. I always love your roundups! Happy Sunday friend!!!

  5. Oh my, how much do I want to see photos of Oliver’s birthday,now that I’ve seen Mr. Humerdink’s?!