poetic rings from betsey sook

Betsey Sook’s ethical and artisan designs are absolute delights. The shapes are delicate, light, simple, and exude effortless elegance. Her rings are playful, whimsical, and even their names are darling! Stardust, Mermaid, and White Diamond Dream… I just love these monikers. Betsey was kind enough to let us interview her about her influences & design process – enjoy!

Betsey Sook engagement ring

How has your background in art history influenced your jewelry designs? “It has made me appreciate all sorts of beautiful things. I like photography, interior decoration, letterpress, textiles, ceramics, flowers, garden design… a large variety of aesthetic expressions, but when I design jewelry, I only use my ‘gut feeling.’ I don’t search outside myself. I go deep inside to find the answers: does this FEEL right? Am I the best designer to realize this idea? Sometimes I have a magnificent image of a wonderful piece of jewelry in my head, but I sense that I am not the best designer to execute it. Then I let it go, I pass it on so to speak.”

Betsey Sook rings

How would you describe the sort of woman who is drawn to your work? “I probably don’t design for women who are into the hottest, newest trends. My customer has her own style and taste that does not change from season to season. She appreciates high quality things and long-lasting, thoughtful details. My aesthetic is all about ‘effortless luxury.’ Everything is wearable, light, uncomplicated, bohemian – but with a dash of sparkle and femininity to keep it pretty, fun, and glamorous. I also have customers who are drawn to my designs because they sense a spiritual dimension. I only use beautiful 100% natural materials and everything is ethically produced. Colors, diamonds, and stones do have a healing, balancing vibration and some people tap into that.”

Colored stone rings from Betsey Sook

What has been your proudest moment as either a jewelry designer or business woman? “Designing jewelry comes very naturally to me. I did not discover my ‘gift’ until later in life, but I know now that I was born to design precious little pieces for women. Still, it was very nerve-wracking to launch my premier jewelry line. It was scary to put yourself out there like that. But I was met with so much love and support, not only from customers, but also from the online community. After receiving pins, likes, shares, and posts from people who have done extremely well internationally and who I really admire, I got a sense that I was ‘home,’ and that people really get me. That was a wonderful feeling.”

Betsey Sook rings

How would you describe your dream wedding? “I love, love, love weddings and I spend quite some time every week swooning over all the beauty that is available on wedding blogs. My wedding would be very down-to-earth, hearty, sensual, natural, and simple. But with lots of beautiful and personal touches. And of course, an abundance of delicious organic foods! A friend of mine married in a fern grotto when he was 19 years old. I think actually that it was in Hawaii! That sounded absolutely romantic to me.”

Betsey Sook rings***

I’d like to give a big Mahalo to Betsey Sook for allowing us to interview her and for giving us such thoughtful and inspirational answers! Her jewelry is available not only in Denmark where she lives and designs, but also online (and yes! Your gorgeous gems can be shipped anywhere in the world). An extra bonus for ladies outside of the EU: you get to shop tax-free which amounts to a 20% discount.

And just as a heads up to all of you lovelies, Betsey has kindly offered us a giveaway! Be sure to catch up her with her on Facebookย for details and check back here on Monday to enter.


Photography by Camilla Jorvad Photography

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