how to style a vintage chic wedding

How to style a vintage chic wedding is something that I get asked about a lot so I called in the big guns: Akiko & Jenn of Soiree Events. These two ladies actually specialize in vintage chic wedding styling and they are going to share some of their secrets with you – enjoy!

“We love all weddings but the ones we like the most are what we like to call’ vintage chic’ style weddings. Vintage chic combines antique elements with modern details that can be tailored to any bride’s taste!

How to Style a Vintage Chic Wedding / Soiree Events


There are certain elements and props you can use to create the setting for a beautiful vintage chic wedding. Lace, old books, chandeliers, and frames can all add interest to tables. For desserts, guest books, and other smaller settings try using an old vanity or desk instead of a traditional folding table. Old windows make great wall decoration and signs. If you’re lucky enough to find or are able to rent them,  antique couches make lovely lounge areas and are great for photos! All of these things can be found pretty inexpensively if you know where to look, which brings us to our next tip…

How to Style a Vintage Chic Wedding / Soiree Events How to Style a Vintage Chic Wedding / Soiree Events How to Style a Vintage Chic Wedding / Soiree Events


There is no better place to find antique and retro items to build a perfect vintage chic setting than at thrift stores and flea markets. You can find anything from frames, vases & milk glass, to tablecloths, linens, and furniture at really affordable prices. Start collecting early in your wedding planning process so that you have enough time to scope the best finds and deals.

No time to shop? Seek a wedding vendor that deals specifically in rentals!

How to Style a Vintage Chic Wedding / Soiree Events


A vintage wedding can be any color. Retro glam style works best when kept with a palette of blacks, golds, grays, creams, and reds but if you want to truly evoke a feeling of nostalgia we recommend simple palettes of creams, peach, lavender, grays & sage with accents of gold.

How to Style a Vintage Chic Wedding / Soiree Events How to Style a Vintage Chic Wedding / Soiree Events


It’s always important to add your own personal touches to any wedding but especially to those with a vintage chic wedding style. Little details from your own past make it that much more personal and heartfelt. Set up a photo wall of your parents, grandparents, and other relatives’ wedding photos. For this wedding, we were able to use the actual dresses worn by the couple’s mothers on our photo wall which was incredibly special!”

How to style a vintage chic wedding / Soiree Eventsvintage chic wedding / Soiree EventsHave any questions about how to style a vintage chic wedding? Be sure to ask us in the comments below!

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  2. Great post Sara. I love photographing weddings that include personal touches from the bride and groom’s families.

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