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I am so excited and thrilled to finally unveil this inside the boutique series! I’ve become quite obsessed with interior design and styling lately (totally blaming Pinterest for that one) and in looking for a way to incorporate that passion into this blog it occurred to me that I adore bridal boutiques. Frankly, I could live in one. They are magical, beautiful places where you get to leave real life at the door and play dress up for a while with the loveliest clothes in the world. Romance, love, and blissful anticipation are palpable in bridal boutiques and I want to capture and share that feeling here.

I decided to seek out and showcase full photo features of bridal boutiques that not only carry beautiful dresses, but that also have thoughtfully designed interiors. Aka: the best kinds of bridal boutiques. You’ll also be treated to an interview and dress buying tips from the owners and stylists to help you with your search.

It’s important to note that this series is not composed of sponsored or partnered posts. This is just me sharing my love of bridal boutiques, thoughtful design, gorgeous dresses, and helpful information with you and I hope that you love it as much as I do!

With that said, please welcome The White Dress Co! The adorable Jackie Trucco was kind enough to ‘go first’ and her thoughtful interview answers along with Derek’s Works‘ stunning images of her magnificent Columbus, Ohio boutique encompass everything that this series is about.

White Dress Co bridal boutique / Derek's Works Photography White Dress Co bridal boutique / Derek's Works Photography

What prompted you to start a bridal boutique?

Ever since college, I knew I wanted to work in the wedding industry.  I just didn’t really know exactly where I would fit in.  For my 19th birthday, my best friend bought me a book on wedding planning…kind of an odd gift for a girl in her late teens that had absolutely no plan of getting married soon, but I loved it!  In fact, I still have it.  It’s a bit tattered and some of the ideas in it are totally dated, but it holds special meaning.

For some reason, I never followed that dream after I graduated college.  I ended up working as a project manager for my family’s construction company.  I absolutely don’t regret doing that because the lessons I learned from my dad about running a business were invaluable.  I just knew it wasn’t where I was supposed to be professionally.  Once I turned 30, as Oprah would say, I had my “aha moment” (cliché’ I know, but it’s true).  I knew that owning a bridal boutique was what I was supposed to do and it was kind of a now or never situation.  I began working on my business plan in 2009 with the intention of opening in 2010.  However, the timing just wasn’t right.  I’m a huge believer that everything happens when it’s supposed to.  We opened our doors in March of this year and haven’t looked back since!

White Dress Co bridal boutique / Derek's Works Photography White Dress Co bridal boutique / Derek's Works Photography

What is the inspiration behind the interior styling and design elements you chose for The White Dress Co.? 

I wanted to create a space that was simplistic and modern so the dresses would take center stage and be the focal point of the store.  We painted the walls a dark gray and the white gowns really pop hanging against them.  But there are also some traditional touches so that it doesn’t seem cold or uninviting.  My aunt is the most incredibly talented interior designer, so she helped me bring some of those elements in to soften the space.  We created a super traditional floral that sits in the center of the store and chose an amazing wall covering for the dressing room.  The modern and traditional elements really work together in this setting.  I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

White Dress Co bridal boutique / Derek's Works Photography White Dress Co bridal boutique / Derek's Works Photography White Dress Co bridal boutique / Derek's Works Photography

How would you describe a White Dress Co. bride?

A bride who shops at The White Dress Co. is smart, confident, easy-going, and fashion conscious.  She wants what she wears to reflect how she feels, and wants to translate that belief to her wedding day.  She might not know exactly what she wants, but she knows it when she sees it.  We really have something for everybody.  Whether your wedding style is casual, glamorous, classic, modern, flirty, sexy, or sweet, we are confident you will find it here.

White Dress Co bridal boutique / Derek's Works Photography

Any tips and advice for brides seeking their dream wedding dress right now?

  1. Come with an open mind.  Often a bride will come in thinking she knows exactly what she wants. Everything from the neckline, to straps or no straps, to silhouette, even down to the length of the train. Very rarely does she leave with the gown she had pictured in her head. You might think an A-line gown will work best on you, when in reality a fit to flare is more flattering.  If you refuse to try it on, you will never know.
  2. Know your event location before you go shopping for a wedding gown. A dress you would wear for a beach wedding is completely different from what you would choose for a traditional ballroom affair.
  3. Choose wisely when it comes to who you decide to bring to your appointment. It may seem like a good idea to have a whole entourage, but remember: more people equals more opinions.  Try to limit the number of guests to two or three.
  4. Don’t fret if you don’t have that teary “This is it!” moment as soon as you put your dress on. It doesn’t happen to most people.  But trust us, it will happen when it matters most: as soon as you step into it on your wedding day!

White Dress Co bridal boutique / Derek's Works Photography


I’d like to give a big mahalo to Jackie for taking the time to answer these questions for us and for giving us such valuable and spot-on advice. I’m also sending a big thanks to Derek’s Works Photography for the seriously gorgeous images of The White Dress Co. I hope you all enjoyed this first installment of ‘inside the boutique!‘ This series will run at least twice a month so I’m looking forward to seeing you all back here for more soon!

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