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It’s such fun every other Monday to feature our lovely sponsors in this space and it’s with great pleasure that I bring you two truly unique and artful wedding vendors today: Paint Your Event and Uschi and Kay!

Paint Your Event: Unique Wedding Vendor / Belle & Blanc Photography Paint Your Event: Unique Wedding Vendor / Belle & Blanc Photographyimages via Belle & Blanc


First up we have Heidi Schwartz from Paint Your Event. I’ve known Heidi ever since I started this blog and I’m convinced that she is going to take over the world. What she has to offer is so unique! She comes with paint and easel in tow and will paint your wedding (or bachelorette party, styled shoot,  rehearsal dinner etc) as it occurs!

From Heidi: “While pursing music, I painted. I began putting words into my paintings and these turned into songs. On my first album I wrote songs and each song had a painting connected to it. That’s how I fell into live painting. While working at Gaylord Opryland Hotel I talked to an entertainment manager about a job performing. He heard my music and saw my paintings and asked if I could do a painting at a dinner. I agreed and that led to another painting at another dinner, and then a birthday and so on and so forth.”

“Three hours is usually how long it takes to do a live painting. I pick the nuances from the room and look at symbols and abstract things and kind of piece it together like a puzzle. I like giving back to people. It’s something that I’m adding to the world that is unique. I am using my brain and using my creativity, which is my strength!”

Paint Your Event: Unique Wedding Vendor / Nyk + Cali Wedding Photography Paint Your Event: Unique Wedding Vendor / Nyk + Cali Wedding Photography Paint Your Event: Unique Wedding Vendor / Nyk + Cali Wedding Photography Paint Your Event: Unique Wedding Vendor / Nyk + Cali Wedding Photographyimages via Nyk + Kay Wedding Photography



Next we have the lovely ladies over at Uschi and Kay. This wonderful shop (and beautiful wedding blog!) contains an array of artfully created and well-designed printables, wedding invitations, photo booth props, and more.

One of my favorite items in their store is the custom couple stamp. Each is sketched and hand carved based on a photo of your choosing. It’s a super fun and unique way to personalize your wedding stationary, programs, thank you cards, and favors. And those darling photo booth bow ties?! They look so much better in pictures than flat paper ones. Plus you can keep them for years to come!

Watercolor wedding invitations / Uschi & Kay Custom couple stamp / Uschi & Kay red and yellow wedding invitations / Uschi & Kay Photo booth props / Uschi & Kay Yellow and blue wedding invitation suite / Uschi & Kayphotography by Sam Dubeau & Sara Wilde


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  1. I love those behind-the-scenes shots of Heidi painting! I wish I’d had a painter at my wedding!

  2. Phenomenal idea to do a live painting of your wedding! I hope she does take over the world 😉

  3. Great ideas! I love the paintings.

  4. As a former art teacher, I’m kinda nuts over this! 🙂

  5. I LOVE the ‘paint your wedding’ idea!

  6. So cool! Talk about some unique ideas!

  7. Such a cool thing to have someone create a painting at your wedding. Not only will you have a gorgeous piece at the end, but it’s almost like having an entertainer too!

  8. SUCH A WONDERFUL TALENT..AND WONDERFUL PERSON. Everyone needs to HIRE Heidi to interpret on canvas their special event. What a wonderful memory to have forever. Love ya, Heidi! You are AWESOME!!!