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Sandra Morales, the designer behind BB Vendor Olivia Headpieces was kind enough to answer some questions for us about her creative process and offer us a giveaway! In addition to that we have a lovely Italian dreamscape inspiration shoot by Yaletown Wedding Gallery that was produced to showcase these beautiful bridal accessories. Wondering which one you can win? It’s the first one, called Agatha, which I also happen to adore because it can be worn in a multitude of ways (see below and then consider wearing it like this too)!

Olivia Headpieces / Yaletown Wedding Gallery

Where do you find inspiration for your bridal accessories? 

I spend a lot of time just consuming visual information. Not only weddings related… For example, lately I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries and blogs about haute cuisine and chefs with Michelin stars so that will be an influence in my next collection somehow. The way these guys create and arrange a dish is really a work or art! These people have such a refined taste, not just for food but for aesthetics as well. They are true wizards! And they are so passionate about it! I don’t think I have what it takes to get to that level of dedication and emotional involvement but I’m really inspired by them.

Can you give us an idea of what your creative and design process is like? 

It almost never stops! It’s hard to explain but I find that it’s something you can’t really control. When I had my store back in Mexico, it was great because I could come up with a new piece every day and just put it out there. But now that I’m trying to build a brand, I’m learning to be more organized. Work on a collection and give it some time and then work on the next and so on.  It’s overwhelming sometimes because it’s hard for me to stop thinking about new designs… I mean, of course there are periods of time when you are totally blank and empty but I would say that when it’s happening it’s like Tetris. Your mind just thinks like a Tetris game all the time after you play for a while!

Olivia Headpieces / Yaletown Wedding Gallery Olivia Headpieces / Yaletown Wedding Gallery Olivia Headpieces / Yaletown Wedding Gallery Olivia Headpieces / Yaletown Wedding Gallery Olivia Headpieces / Yaletown Wedding Gallery Olivia Headpieces / Yaletown Wedding Gallery

What type of bride is drawn to your work? 

The market is full of gorgeous headpieces and belts so I would be lying to myself if I believed mine are the most beautiful and amazing. But what I do take pride on is the attention we put on the detail and the finishing touches. So yeah, there are a lot of options, pretty similar options some may argue but I’ve seen belts that look gorgeous on one side and then you flip them over and they just glued the applique to a ribbon without even putting a lining! They left the stitches all unprotected! All our pieces have linings, we hand sew everything. Sometimes we do both: use a special fabric glue and hand sew the lining so that it is extra strong and pretty on both sides. Our brides can tell the difference. They are people who appreciate details and good craftsmanship.

How would you describe your dream wedding? 

I grew up with my parents having bridal stores. They used to take me and my sisters to all the industry related events, which was pretty cool. I remember when I was 13 I was working backstage in one of the fashion shows and I saw how the models were stepping on the silk and lace dresses while they quickly changed. I was shocked! But this is how it works backstage, right? I was always behind the scenes so I think I missed out on the appreciation for the magic that’s supposed to surround a wedding. But I think it also made me miss out on the stress related to it. I saw the flower arrangements for the first time the moment I arrived to my own wedding.  But still my wedding was a dream wedding to me! I did care a lot about my dress and my headpiece but it really was about great guests, awesome music, good food, and lots of wine.

Olivia Headpieces / Yaletown Wedding Gallery Olivia Headpieces / Yaletown Wedding Gallery Olivia Headpieces / Yaletown Wedding Gallery Olivia Headpieces / Yaletown Wedding Gallery

Enter GIVEAWAY to win the Agatha headpiece:

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Giveaway ends: Friday May 10th. Winner will be notified by email and announced both here on this post and on Facebook on Saturday May 11th.

Olivia Headpieces ships worldwide so this giveaway is open to everyone!



Olivia Headpieces is a BB Vendor.

Photography: Sarah Leung from Yaletown Wedding Gallery // Produced by: Sandra Morales from Olivia Headpieces and Sandra Leung from Yaletown Wedding Gallery // Bridal Gowns: Blush Bridal // Headpieces and Sashes: Olivia Headpieces // Jewelry: House of Jewels // Floral Design: Fiorire Custom Florals by Rosalba // Decor & Bedding: Pisolino Designs, Yaletown // Decor Styling: Delovely Creative // Stationary: Uniquity Invitations // Vintage Camera: Beau Photo // Hair & Makeup: Emily Cheng // Model: Amy Grosser.

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