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I’m so pleased to welcome back Nikkol of Peter Loves Jane! A couple of weeks ago Nikkol wrote a fabulous post for us about how to brand your wedding that included a call for branding board requests. Well – you ladies did just that and sent her a bunch of fabulous requests!

From Nikkol: Today is the big reveal day!  I am happy to be back and to share with you the wedding branding boards that I designed for some lucky Burnett’s Boards readers.  I am sharing 3 of them with you here and 2 more over on my blog.  It was a great exercise for me to have to put together a board with very little information, and having not met any of you in person.  I hope you like them, and that they help clarify your visions.

wedding branding board / Peter Loves Jane

I loved that Katherine included a large-scale Jenga game in her inspiration pictures!  This is the epitome of a playful wedding.  What a delight it is to be a guest at a celebration where the couple has put real time into thinking of their company.  For Katherine’s font selections, I chose fonts that have pretty lines, yet have a slightly playful mood.  Their monogram could go many directions, my personal favorite is the embroidery style logo.

wedding branding board / Peter Loves Jane

Lynne and Adam just got engaged a few weeks ago in Paris…at the Eiffel Tower!  This was a total shock to Lynne, as they had been dating for 7 years and had decided marriage wasn’t necessary to seal their commitment to each other.  Needless to say, they had a difficult time coming up with the words that define their wedding style.  I took some liberties and changed up their inspiration images just a bit, and chose a color palette for them.

They want a timeless, natural and fun feeling to their celebration.  Rather than using their inspiration photos, which had bold and dark colors, I suggested softer tones grounded by a walnut brown.  This palette looks great no matter the season, and with classic lines in the tables, chairs and linens, will avoid ever looking dated.  I added a “fun” touch in the invitation illustration.  This style of invitation lets guest know that the wedding will have some personality mixed in with the sophistication.

wedding branding board / Peter Loves Jane

Judi said she was looking for inspiration for a vintage garden bridal shower with a soft palette of blue, pink, ecru, ivory and green with lots of vintage lace and ribbon.  The first thing that comes to mind when I think, in particular, of a vintage bridal shower is vintage china.  Especially when the words used to describe the gathering are romantic & pretty.

Vintage china patterns are full of soft, feminine floral patterns.  Décor could easily include pretty antique books, which are so easy to find in shades of blue and green.  Of course, petite cakes are always a welcome sight at a dessert table.

Don’t miss the other two gorgeous custom created branding boards here!


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  1. Katherine says

    Thank you so much, Nikkol! And Sara for featuring Nikkol and writing about wedding branding. We love the fonts, colors, and logo! Thanks again

  2. Glad you like it, Katherine! Always a pleasure to collaborate with Sara!!

  3. Love this so much, and loved Nikkol’s branding post too!

  4. Gorgeous! What a great way to tie everything together!

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