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I’m so pleased to bring you this next installment of ‘inside the boutique!’ The lovely Southern bells Kara, Teresa, and Elle were kind enough to answer some questions about their Alabama bridal salon, White Dresses, and give us their top tips and pieces of advice to help you along in your search for your wedding dress!

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What prompted you three to start a bridal salon? 

As the Great Niece and Great Great Nieces of a couture ladies’ clothing shop owner, we grew up learning about fine fabrics and well-made clothing. Our hot Southern summers were spent on the front porch while sipping sweet tea and talking about fine French Chantilly lace so it was only natural for us to pursue a line of work that involved beautiful clothing!

Aunt Madie was interested in more than just a shop lined with dresses — she wanted a shop where friendships could be made. She taught us that truly knowing your client was about more than just knowing what they liked to wear — it’s about building a relationship that is more than just skin deep.

As each of us followed our own dreams, we realized that we could be much more successful as a trio. We saw a gap in the Huntsville bridal market and knew it was the perfect place to open our own bridal boutique. Thus, we blended the lessons on fabric and on clients from Aunt Madie to make a bridal boutique that is drenched in Southern charm. The decision was a phenomenal one and we have been blessed to meet brides who have the most darling personalities!

White Dresses / White Rabbit Photography White Dresses / White Rabbit Photography

What is the inspiration behind the interior design and styling elements in White Dresses? 

From the moment we set out to open our bridal boutique, we knew the most important part of dressing brides for their big day would be making them feel comfortable. Thus, we wanted our boutique to mirror our own homes.

When decorating we brought in a lot of personal family heirlooms to the store. For instance, while most boutiques choose a traditional way of displaying their jewelry, we brought silver from Aunt Madie’s collections to place the perfect accessories in. We were also pretty lucky to have a dad and uncle who are in the design industry to make our idea of a Southern and comfortable boutique come to life.

White Dresses / White Rabbit StudiosWhite Dresses / White Rabbit Photography White Dresses / White Rabbit Photography

How would you describe a White Dresses Bride?

It is so difficult to sum up our brides in a few sentences. Since our boutique is built around growing relationships, we really know our brides on a deeper level. When a bride comes into our boutique we learn about her, her family, her fiancé, her wedding, her dreams of how she will look on her day, and her concerns. Since we know every bride on such a personal level, it is difficult to say that they are classic or trendy or fashion forward or traditional because each one has a little bit of all of those things in her personality.

There is one thing we know for sure — our brides are real. They are unique, they are beautiful (inside and out), and no matter what dress they find – they will be different from any other bride we ever encounter again.

White Dresses / White Rabbit Photography White Dresses / White Rabbit PhotographyWhite Dresses / White Rabbit Photography

Any tips or advice for brides seeking their dream dress right now?

1. Don’t be afraid to tell your consultant what you are looking for! We have so many girls who come in and are really afraid to say anything about a gown they might not like. Don’t worry about hurting your bridal consultant’s feelings. Trust me, they should have a thick skin! This is your day and you want to make sure the dress is exactly what you always wanted.

2. Learn to say yes! We have many girls who want to make sure they don’t miss anything, so they try to make it to every store within driving distance. While we understand the desire to see it all, it is impossible. When you find a gown you love, stop looking.

3. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Don’t limit yourself to only trying on gowns that you think you will like based on a magazine photo. When Ella (one of our owners) was selecting a gown for her wedding day, she made the mistake of becoming convinced that she was going to select one particular dress that she had seen in a magazine. As soon as she put it on, it was a complete let down. Sometimes you can miss out on a great dress because you already have an idea in mind and you’re not willing to venture out of your comfort zone. Try things on that your consultant suggests. What you might find is that they pull something that surprises you!

White Dresses / White Rabbit Studios


I’d like to give a big thank you to the darling Kara, Teresa, and Ella for taking the time to let us interview them and to Ashley of White Rabbit Studios of submitting these beautiful images of White Dresses bridal boutique! I hope you all enjoyed this second installment of ‘inside the boutique‘ and weren’t those tips from these ladies fabulous? I loved #3 – I was nodding my head the whole time I read it!

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