zodiac wedding: cancer

Our zodiac signs series continues today with this lovely lavender wedding inspiration board inspired by the traits of brides born between June 22nd and July 22nd: Cancer!

Zodiac Wedding Inspiration: Cancer / purple, mint, & yellow

Brides born under the Cancer sign are delicate and emotional creatures. Prone to moodiness, they are quick to retreat and have difficulty sharing their innermost feelings. These brides are the first to laugh, the first to cry, and kindness and gentleness defines their everyday interactions. They are sensitive, easily hurt, but also quick to show their affection and share sympathy with others!

For whatever reason purple feels like the perfect color for this bride. Purple can either be a joyous or moody color – much like people born under the Cancer zodiac sign. The delicacy and emotional nature of these brides is represented by the beautiful calligraphy drapery and it also shows how Cancers can hide behind their shell.

If this is your sign you might often find yourself having difficultly making decisions (much like the other water signs), so for your wedding palette don’t be afraid to mix in lots of colors. This inspiration board has a dominant purple color family but also contains hints of mint, yellow, light green, and peach!

Details to adore:

gorgeous calligraphy drapery from Neither Snow / Jose Villa Photography
Rhubarb and rose syrup drink


photo credits: Mociun ring via Burnett’s Boards // cake from Once Wed, photographed by Tec Petaja // bride and groom via Neither Snow, photographed by Jose Villa // chair from Style Me Pretty, photographed by Abi Q // purple, mint, and yellow interior from Found Rentals, photographed by Manolo Studios, styled by Small Shop Studio // rhubarb and rose syrup drink from Quitokeeto // accessories via Ruffled, photographed by Taylor Lord Photography // watercolor invitations from Style Me Pretty, photographed by Rebekah Westover, designed by Alexis June.

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  1. This is gorgeous!!!!

  2. Love it! This is my sign, and these soft colors are perfect for my fellow Cancerians!

  3. Ooh…I’ve been waiting for my sign 😉 Lovely!