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Choosing the right type of bridal bouquet to match the style of your wedding is pretty important because after all – everyone’s eyes are on you! There are loads of bouquet styles to choose from and each of them will lend a particular air… a certain look to your wedding day.

The lovely Sarah Park of  Sarah Park Designs was sweet enough to send us images of some of her gorgeous custom painted bouquets for this post! So without further ado – let’s get down to business: Different Types of Bridal Bouquets / Sarah Park Designs

Round: A round bouquet is precisely what it sounds like: very round. The flowers are tied or wired together to create a very tight ball. This type of bouquet is great for classic, traditional weddings if you choose to go with one type and color of flower. It also works great for contemporary and modern weddings with bolder colors and a variety of flowers. Different Types of Bridal Bouquets / Sarah Park Designs

Hand-tied: If you choose a hand-tied bridal bouquet your florist with place the stems of the flowers in their palm and keeping wrapping more and more flowers around the center of the design before tying the stems together. The stems are left mid length and the looser construction of this bouquet lends itself well to casual and outdoor weddings. This is the bouquet type for brides who want that ‘freshly picked’ look. Different Types of Bridal Bouquets / Sarah Park Designs

Presentation: Presentation bouquets are also called arm sheaf bouquets or pageant bouquets because you carry them across your arm (think of how beauty pageant contestants stand with their stack of roses or take a peek at the bouquet in this shoot). This type of bouquet is a great alternative if you’re looking for something a little different and very grand. The stems of the flowers are usually left long and they look fabulous with a long ribbon or ribbons tied around them.Different Types of Bridal Bouquets / Sarah Park Designs

Posy: Posy bouquets can typically be held with one hand, can come in a variety of shapes, and the stems are wrapped with ribbon, satin, or tulle. It is also quite common to find pearl pins and other accessories attached to the ribbon wrapping on posy bouquets. Posy bouquets can be loose or wired and this type of bouquet is pretty popular for bridesmaids because of its smaller size.

Different Types of Bridal Bouquets / Sarah Park Designs

Winter: Winter bridal bouquets can be any other type of bridal bouquet but they have elements in them to make up for flowers that are typically out of season at this time. Think: berries, pinecones, twigs, etc. I’ve even seen some pretty creative ones with Christmas tree ornaments in them! One of my favorites can be viewed hereDifferent Types of Bridal Bouquets / Sarah Park Designs
Nosegay: Nosegay bouquets have traditionally had more greenery than flowers and the greenery elements were usually herbs. The herbs were there to mask unpleasant odors (thus the name) – that’s fourteenth century thinking for ya. Modern interpretations of nosegay bouquets include an array of different and fragrant flowers tied together into a round cluster. Nosegay style bouquets vary greatly from one another and are a great choice for any wedding.Different Types of Bridal Bouquets / Sarah Park Designs

Other bouquet styles to consider:

Crescent bouquet: This style of bouquet flows across the hands. It typically has a couple stems poking out from the main grouping, giving it a very unique and helter-skelter sort of look. See an example here.

Cascade Bouquet: This is an opulent style of bouquet that will flow (or cascade) down the front of your gown. Because of the amount of flowers involved cascade bouquets can be quite expensive!

Ballerina Bouquet: Ballerina bouquets typically have tulle in them, thus the name. Because the tulle takes up room this bouquet is a great option for budget brides because fewer flowers are used. I’ve seen this bouquet used a lot with 1950s style tea length gowns and a fun touch is to match the tulle in your bouquet with the tulle in your gown! See a ballerina bouquet here.

Biedermeier Bouquet: I must say, I’m not a fan of these but they deserve a mention. Biedermeier bouquets are made from arranging each type or color of flower in a tight circle and the complete bouquet looks like a series of concentric circles.

Single Bloom: Single bloom bouquets are quite a statement. They are simple, refined, and literally consist of a single bloom. My opinion on this: best to find a very large flower! For a perfect example check out this gorgeous yellow peony.

Composite: This is a step up from a single bloom. A composite bouquet is basically hundreds of petals wired together to look like one massive single bloom bouquet (see one here). The work required on these makes them pricier than you’d think but the effect is stunning.

So…which bridal bouquet style is your favorite?


I’d like to give a big mahalo to Sarah Park Designs for these stunning custom bouquet paintings! Be sure to check out her Etsy store and consider getting your bouquet preserved forever with a piece of artwork!

Custom Bouquet Painting / Sarah Park Designs

bouquet via Wedding Chicks, designed by Hey Gorgeous, photographed by Leah Mullett Photography, art by Sarah Park Designs.

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