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When seeking inspiration and ideas for your wedding a fabulous place to go, and one that I’m sure we are all super familiar with already, is Pinterest.

A couple of weeks ago a really great question came up in the comments on the social media tips and no nos post that said: “One thing I’ve been struggling with on Pinterest is seeking people to follow. I wish they had the same system twitter does for suggesting people to follow. Do you have any suggestions for how to find people to follow on Pinterst?”

What I usually do is look at a couple of my favorite pinners on Pinterest and see who they are following… so in honor of these lovely lady pinners, I’ve rounded up my top ten favorite people to follow on Pinterest.

These are the pinners who I repin all the time; the ones who have an eye for gorgeous wedding design and an amazing sense of style. Their pins are the images that send me off on dreamy tangents and I’m sure they will for you too!

Who to Follow on Pinterest / Jen Huang Photography


Laura Gordon: Everything she pins is the epitome of delicate beauty. If you love film photography, blush pink colors, and gold details you’ll adore her finds.

Kelly Sauer: three words come to mind when I think of Kelly’s pins: organic, dreamy, beauty.

Jen Huang: she mostly only pins her own work, but it’s so good you won’t mind.

Enchanted Atelier / Laura Gordon Photography


Something Blue Bridal Boutique: I’m convinced that bridal boutique owners know the best wedding pins around and Something Blue Bridal Boutique is proof of that.

Catbird: This funky New York City boutique only has seven boards on Pinterest, but each is overflowing with stylish, bohemian beauty.

Catbird Stackable Rings


Emma Stefan: a true curator. Her fashion finds are amazing and her lifestyle pins have a lovely ‘city girl goes camping’ feeling to them.

Shauna Haider: pins the best bold and graphic images out there and a lot of them are stylishly reminiscent of the 1960s.

Mii Makeup


Entouriste: There’s nothing to spark creative thinking quite like travel, and when you’re stuck where you are, dream a little with the best travel imagery around.

Disfunkshion Magazine: If you love boho style, inspirational quotes, beaches, and seriously funky filters you’ll adore Disfunkshion Magazine’s pins.

Bohemian Bride

Who is your Pinterest crush? Leave us their link so that we can all check them out!


images in order: beautiful bling photographed by and uploaded to Pinterest by Jen Huang Photography // Enchanted Atelier photographed and pinned by Laura Gordon from Bridal Musings // Stackable Rings, pinned by Catbird // Mii Cosmetics pinned by Shauna Haider // Boho Bride photographed by Ashley Camper from The Cult of Style, pinned by Disfunkshion Magazine.

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  1. I love Wedding Sparrow’s Pinterest board – loads of fine art goodies on there!

  2. Thanks for a great post Sara! You pinterest board is my favorite 🙂

  3. Oh yay! Thank you so much for sharing these! I recently started following you and I would honestly say you are one of my favorite pinners. I will have to check each of these ladies out! Some of my other faves are Ez Pudewa of Creature Comforts, Jan of Poppytalk, Jenn Elliott Blake, Ginny Branch Stelling, and Ann Marie Morris. They mostly pin lifestyle images, but who can resist a few wedding pins as well? 🙂

  4. Great suggestions! I am excited to have some new creatives to follow!

  5. Lol, I’d be biased; my favorite board to follow is mine 🙂
    Okay fine I’d confess I never really caught the pinterest bug so I kind of have no take on this

  6. Love this list! Definitely going to have a lot of pins to check out over the next few days!
    I like Lora Losinger’s pins for floral and wedding related pictures http://pinterest.com/sophisticatedfd/
    and for all things wedding related WedFunApps has everything covered http://pinterest.com/wedfunapps/

  7. What a great list! I’m realizing I don’t follow nearly enough photographers and designers beyond the wedding world, which is silly since they are the source of so much beauty & inspiration! Thanks for the reminder and introduction to new creativity!

  8. Great list! I’ll have to go add some new people!

  9. I ADORE PINTEREST ! I will defiantly check out your Favorites listed above.

    I just discovered Disfunkshion Magazine , I am floored by the creativity !! Could spend hours there !!

    Since I sell on Etsy, I personally follow several Etsy Lovers !! People who Shop there or own a Shop on Etsy. There is Vintage and Handmade and Couture , oh my goodness , the hours can fly by, when I am pinning from there !!

    So many fabulous photos for Wedding decor, dresses, Veils , DIY, Wedding Signs, Custom Invitations and anything else you may need. They also have an Etsy Weddings Newletter,So FRESH beauty gets delivered to my inbox all the time.

    This is JUST a taste of the good stuff on Etsy.


  10. Love this Sara! Following those boards asap.

  11. Thanks Sara!!!

  12. What a list! Thee dream team of Pinterest! Love it 🙂

  13. Awesome list! I wouldn’t mind a few new followers – timeless brides, where are ya?! 🙂 http://www.pinterest.com/jordanmcbride

  14. Oh my goodness, I am honored! Thank you so much Sara! And I have to admit… you are DEFINITELY one of my favorites to follow!!!

  15. Thank you for sharing these beautiful creatives. It’s always wonderful to connect with other pinners and share so much pretty! 🙂

  16. Awesome boards!!!

  17. Sara, what a treat to be featured on this list! Thank you so much!

  18. Hi Sara! I love your site and you are so lucky to live in Hawaii. We were there for our honeymoon years ago and it is the most beautiful place on earth. I love Pinterest so much that sometimes I have to take a break from it. It’s so all consuming. You can get swallowed up in the beauty and eye candy that you forget to do your work. Thanks for sharing these new people to follow. I wouldn’t mind a few new followers too! 🙂



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