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I’ve just finished up a wonderful unit in my course from The Wedding and Event Institute on storyboarding and how to storyboard your wedding, and I’ve got to say, this was invaluable to me! Inspiration boards are one thing, but to actually break down your concept and go a little more in-depth into it was something else. It made me focus on aspects of weddings that I hadn’t given much thought to before like taste, smell, and sound.

Storyboards, much like the ones used in producing movies, should tell a story and detail step by step what needs to be taken care of at your event and how it will use the five senses (because the more sensory experiences you incorporate into your event, the more memorable it will be).

The two examples of wedding storyboards I’ve given you here are pretty basic – what I would call ‘skeletal’ outlines because like Christine Kerr (our instructor) said during the course: “some actions in a storyboard will be made up of a series of smaller actions. Here, it might help to create a sub-level storyboard for those more involved steps.” I imagine that each of the steps outlined below could be broken down into multiple sub-levels and sub-levels of sub-levels with more and more details and information. And I love it because it’s all so visual!

How to Storyboard Your Wedding

Our assignment for this unit was to pitch two storyboards to a client who wants her wedding to be themed around ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend.’ For the first storyboard above I wanted to go outside of the box a bit so I thought about the shape of a diamond, the hardness of it, the lines, and the cuts. It’s a youthful, modern, and trendy take on the theme and I believe it’s one that would work wonderfully in an urban, industrial setting.

For the second storyboard I went way more traditional: pinks, gold, and a lot of  diamond-like sparkle!

How to Storyboard Your Wedding One of the most interesting things I learned throughout the storyboard process is that you’ll learn to recognize the problem areas at your wedding because it forces you to think beyond just the appearance of it.

As Christine mentioned: “As each new step is put in your storyboard look for ‘holes’ and problems in the process. This is especially important between frames, or steps, that surprises (in other words: problems) could be hiding. This is why storyboards are so valuable. You can see each piece of the puzzle, and how all the pieces interact so you’re  more likely to spot problems.”

Going forward in the course I’m supposed to pick one of these concepts to run with. As usual I’m having a hard time deciding so I’d love to know which of these two storyboards do you think I should explore further – the modern or the romantic?


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Photo credits: modern: gem shapes //  Mirta ring // black dress from Green Wedding Shoes, photographed by Katherine Elizabeth Photography // fireworks // ceremony chairs from Elizabeth Anne Designs, photographed by Clary Photo // hexagonal ornament via Feathers of Gold // black and white vases from The Pretty Blog, photographed by Christine Meintjes // diamond lights via Eric Therner // lounge area via Style Me Pretty, photographed by Lisa Lefkowitz // faceted rock art // signature drink sign from Style Me Pretty, photographed by Paper Antler // Aqua Carpatica bottles // black caviar // turntables // Rivini raw edged silk dress detail via The Knot // Chanel perfume from Style Me Pretty, photographed by Art Haus Foto.

romantic: loose pink diamonds // ring via Studio 1040 on Etsy // tiara – unknown // lace hair blossoms via Twigs and Honey, photographed by Elizabeth Messina //  Schleibheim Palace interior // purse from Snippet & Ink, photographed by Rylee Hitchner // antique chairs from Restoration Harware // flower chandelier from Wed Lux, photographed by Iconica // gold shoes from Style Me Pretty, photographed by Kayla Adams // candelabra via Once Wed, photographed by  Jose Villa // glasses with glitter from Style Me Pretty, photographed by Simply Bloom Photography // pink cake via Style Me Pretty, photographed by Brumley & Wells // blush champagne from Camilla Styles, photographed by Chelsea Fullerton // musical bride via Smitten Magazine, photographed by Elizabeth Messina // pink ribbon from Lovely Bride // roses via Georgiana Lane.


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  1. This is brilliant and every bride should consider this way of sorting out her wedding planning inspiration. I mean really, we have Pinterest, but that gets SOOOOOO overwhelming. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Had never thought of considering the sounds and smells of a wedding before! We tend to limit our focus on the sights- great way to start thinking outside the box! (Would love to see the romantic board explored further!)

  3. I’m a dork and storyboard EVERYTHING. Our wedding, our house remodel, my weekly outfits…

  4. Story boards are the best – totally helps you think things through – in a creative way 🙂

  5. Great tips! I’m all about touch. You should see me whenever I go shopping…I’m touching everything. Too bad that’s not possible through a computer screen. If it was, boy I’d be in trouble!

  6. I love this! Are you taking the design class? I’ve been wanting to learn a little bit more in a structured environment as I’m expanding our vintage rentals to include styling and design.

  7. Wow, this is so neat- it’s a nice, comprehensive breakdown of all of the elements of a wedding in a way that makes it more accessible for any bride to execute her vision- love it! I try to get from it, but I’m such a girly girl that immediately the soft pink, romantic board is drawing me in. Both are quite nice though- the modern board is really quite chic.

  8. Wow, very interesting! Thanks for explaining the process – sounds like a great course, too. 🙂

  9. Love this idea–to say nothing of the inspiration!

  10. Amazing job on both story boards! My favorite element are the diamond lightbulbs. Such a great amount of work going into both of these – thank you 🙂

  11. Fascinating! Love the concept of storyboarding your wedding and considering all the senses.

    So the girly girl in me is leaning towards the pink and romantic theme but I’m also totally obsessed with those diamond light bulbs, the faceted glass bottles, the geometric shapes and chic, modern take on black and white. It’s so unique.

  12. This is amazing!!! What a wonderful way to break down and think about your wedding. Love the idea of storyboarding your wedding.

  13. I love how this concept makes it so much easier for a bride to spot problems. What a great concept! I’m all about the modern storyboard. It’s so fabulous!

  14. I think that you should follow up on the modern take on the theme. Your description of it sounded more enthusiastic, clear and I could sense that you feel the idea is less “done’. Good luck!

  15. Storyboarding is definitely a great way to visually plan your big day. Im a very visual person and find myself doing this sort of thing in other areas of my life also. great tip!

  16. Love this! Love the colours, format and most of all the font that you used!!

  17. I recently joined IWED, and am onto my second assignment, this has been a great read, and definitely an excellent example of what is expected. Thanks a lot for such an awesome job

  18. what programme did you use to create your storyboard?

  19. Hi Burnett! I just started taking classes with WEI and am storyboarding. Can you tell me what app or program you used to create your boards?

  20. kayleighparke says

    Hi, This is great!!.. I am taking the UKAWEP design and style course, and reading this and looking at your storyboard has really been very inspirational..!! 🙂 Love how you approached the same idea with 2 totally different concepts xx xx

  21. I too have just signed up to the diploma in wedding planning style and design. What a fab way to put your ideas into a storyboard to highlight the key points for that special day. Thank you all for your inspirational thoughts xx