burnett’s boards got a makeover!

You may have noticed already but Burnett’s Boards has had a little makeover! I think she’s looking great and I owe it all to the amazing Jordan Brantley.

Many months ago I started thinking about rebranding… something a little more chic, a little more representative of the unique wedding inspiration that you find here. I started looking around for a graphic designer but soon became overwhelmed by how many great ladies there are out there with serious talent, so I stalled.

But when this fabulous rooftop styled shoot showed up in my inbox and I realized that the girl rocking the sparkle dress (in the rain no less!) also designed the gorgeous paper goods in that shoot, I immediately knew that she was the designer for me!

sparkle dress and gorgeous paper goods

This rebrand was inspired by one of my favorite paintings by Minneapolis based artist Michael Carson. His work is so lovely and his pieces have an ethereal, quiet strength to them while maintaining an effortless chic quality.

Michael Carson painting

Jordan created a custom painting and when she sent it to me it knocked my socks off. I still can’t get over the fact that Burnett’s Boards has its own piece of artwork! Isn’t it spectacular? I love how she was inspired by Carson’s wet paint technique – the little drips and visible brush strokes – it’s amazing and it was such a wonderful surprise.

Custom painting for Burnett's Boards by Jordan of Create Like Crazy Custom painting for Burnett's Boards by Jordan of Create Like Crazy

While the surface of Burnett’s Boards has changed the structure still remains the same. You can still find every wedding inspiration board (organized by color) here and an index of all the posts on this blog (in alphabetical order) here. And of course, my wonderful sponsors who make this daily adventure possible can still be found in The Shop and Vendor Guide.

Burnett's Boards vendor guide

I hope you love the new look and I can’t thank Jordan enough for her brilliant work on this site (and for not saying anything about the fact that I showed up to all of our Skype meetings in my pajamas).

About Sara Burnett

Editor of Burnett's Boards, which she founded to showcase global creativity in the wedding industry. Sara currently lives out of a suitcase while island hopping the Caribbean and beyond. Learn More // Follow on Instagram.


  1. Love it! Congrats on a beautiful makeover after so much hard work! 🙂

  2. Ohhh it’s so beautiful Sara!! Love it all!

  3. So inspiring for us all- love that the rebrand was influenced by Michael Carson!

  4. I love your inspiration, too! And, the fact that BB has it’s own personal piece of art is too special! Well done to you and Jordan 🙂

  5. Looking good Sara!

  6. Congratulations!! It looks gorgeous – very chic & how special that you have your own piece of artwork too! x

  7. Obsessed with the inspiration behind your new oh so gorgeous design! Congrats 🙂

  8. Love it!!!!!

  9. Loving the new look Sara! Beautiful!!!! Congrats xx

  10. Congrats, it’s beautiful Sara!!

  11. Beautiful!!!

  12. Congratulations Sara on the new look – and how awesome to have the re-brand based on a painting. I LOVE IT!!!!! Shows you that inspiration really can come from anywhere. Loving the clean layout too – so easy to navigate. Congrats again! Hope you have plans to celebrate the re-launch today 🙂

  13. Oh my gosh, you are the SWEETEST. It was such a joy to work with you, Sara. Thank you so much for all of the encouragement and sweet words!

    Also, I’m still cracking up about your pajamas comment! Haha! I was just impressed that you woke up early for our skype calls! 😉

  14. Love the new look!

  15. Congratulations, Sara! I love the original painting that inspired it all, and the beautiful painting Jordan created – I love seeing the brushstrokes, texture and color in various spots throughout the site!

  16. Sara, that Carson painting is incredible! I can see why you used it as inspiration. Love your new look. Very sophisticated and classy, just like you! 🙂

  17. Can we please talk about how epic it is that you have a custom painting for BB? Because that deems a comment. 😀

  18. Congrats Sara! The blend of artistry and effortless chic matches your brand perfectly!

  19. Commissioned artwork no less! Loving the new blog design Sara, well done you xx

  20. chicbrownbride says

    Awesome site design..Congrats!

  21. Looks beautiful my friend! I’m so happy for you. And how amazing that you have your own artwork. So fantastic!

  22. Really loving the soft color palette 🙂 Very pretty and artistic.

  23. I know I’ve been MIA lately, but I totally couldn’t miss this! The rebranding looks beyond fabulous, and I absolutely love the painterly inspiration behind it. It’s really reflective of all the chic, creative goodness that is BB. Can we talk about how phenomenal that palette is?! Also, I’m so jealous that you have your own piece of artwork! I think Jordan should do some abstracts of Oliver…

  24. Thank you ladies so so much for all the positive feedback! Love you guys xx

  25. Your own art! How cool! Congrats on the beautiful new look.

  26. This looks great! I love it!

  27. Just fabulous!

  28. Congratulations on your new look! It’s always worth the effort and work. Love it!

    <3 The Snippet & Ink Team

  29. Classic, chic and truly unique… LOVE IT!!!!

  30. Thanks everyone for all of the lovely comments! xo!

  31. I so adore it!!