are your color choices sending the right message?

Remember all those Cosmopolitan magazine quizzes we used to take with titles like Do You Know When A Guy Likes You? and Are You Enough of a Bad Girl? Well – I’ve got a little quiz like that right here  – except it’s better!

I’ve been taking a course from The Wedding and Event Institute and this last unit I just finished covered how to create color palettes and the meanings and psychology of color. It was definitely a favorite of mine so far!

So today I wanted to share what I learned about color psychology and how it relates to your wedding. And if you’re a wedding pro you can use this to determine what your branding and website colors are communicating to your clients. Think of it in Cosmo quiz terms: Are Your Color Choices Sending The Right Message?

On to the quiz! Take a look at the images below and pick the one that draws you to it the most:

Color Meanings / The Psychology of Color

Did you pick one? Good. Each of those pictures represents a color and whatever color you’re most drawn to gives you a glimpse into your personality. The same goes for your wedding. The color palette that you choose to use will send subliminal messages to your guests whether you want it to or not.

And wedding pros – when a bride lands on your website the color choices that you made there are going to influence the way she feels about your brand and it’s all based on color psychology!

So what is your color saying? See below:

Color Meanings / The Psychology of Color

For example: If you have a tulip pink and white wedding you’re sending the message of innocent femininity. Or let’s say you have an orange and marigold website with splashes of brick-red. You’re telling your client through color psychology that you are a social, passionate, happy person to work with!

A lot of brides have a hard time determining a color palette for their wedding. One fabulous tip that was given during this WEI unit was to look at the colors that you’ve painted the walls in your home. These are the colors that you love and make you feel good because you are around them all the time and are therefore a great choice for your wedding.

Another thing to keep in mind is that different colors mean different things in different cultures. For the graphic above I used western color associations because most of my readers here are from western cultures. But if half of your wedding guests are from South Africa you may want to avoid the color pink because there it is associated with poverty!

I’d love to know – what color did you pick?


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photo credits: green leaf crown from 100 Layer Cake, photographed by Paige Lowe // Chaviano Couture dress from Grey Likes Weddings, photographed by Jennifer Blair Photography  // purple bouquet designed by Sullian Owen // yellow honey wedding favors from 100 Layer Cake, photographed by This Love of Yours Photography // red shoes via Flickr // orange bouquet photographed by Ali Harper // pink roses photographed by Kelly Sauer // necklace via Baylla on Etsy // Jennifer Lawrence for Miss Dior // brown boutonniere from Style Me Pretty, photographed by  Aaron Delesie // white Kate Spade shoes.

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  1. Very interesting post! I never knew how deeply connected color and personality traits are to one another!

  2. I chose yellow 🙂 Great post! I love color psychology! It’s great!

  3. I also chose yellow!! 🙂 Love this and how it really applies to so many aspects of life – wedding decor, home decor, etc.

  4. I’m a green girl 😉

  5. I had a hard time with this one because I was drawn to several images. While pink would have been my first choice, I couldn’t decide between the yellow, blue, pink and white. Go figure 😉 Such a fun post though!

  6. My eye went right to the blue bow, then to the red shoes! Maybe it’s the upcoming 4th of July influence, but I do love that blue! This is such a great post for helping brides align their personality with their wedding colors!

  7. Great post! I like all the different meaning in colors. I had a hard time choosing. It’s interesting to read about what my wedding colors meant though!

  8. Very interesting!

  9. The psychology of colors is such an amazing cultural phenomenon! Color’s characteristics seem so personal yet broad enough to be understood and related to by many others. Choosing the right colors will really show of your personality, and a lot more!
    Great post Sara, wonderful insight into something not everyone thinks about.

  10. Well as usual I was drawn to the pink photo 😉 Totally fits me and my site. This is amazing. I LOVE this post!!!!!

  11. I was drawn to the green and blue images above. My logo is blue, my website is salmon-y with green text, so I think I’m doing pretty good. What a cool post, thanks, Sara!

  12. Great post! No surprise, I chose red. It’s also my main wedding color (with peach and gold). I couldn’t agree more about what red represents. So fascinating!

  13. I loved learning about the different meanings of colors in my color theory class in college and it is still very interesting to me. My favorite it that red actually inspires hunger (which is why you see it in so many food chains), so if you pick red, you better have some good food to serve, lol!

    • Whoah – I had no idea about red! Sounds like a good wall color for a restaurant! I learned today that car insurance companies give cheaper rates to people with yellow cars because they are hit less. So fascinating!

  14. Interesting post! I found it tricky to narrow down my fave – was drawn to that blue bow and then pink bouquet (of course) but I just really loved the actual photo representing green. Thanks for sharing your knowledge – that’s fascinating about pink in SA!

  15. I couldn’t pick just one – grey, black and blue all caught my eye, and lo-and-behold, pretty much sums up both myself and my man!

  16. I was particularly drawn to the green and then the pink… but I chose purple as the accent colour for my wedding 🙂 XxX

  17. Great and useful post as always. Thanks Sara!

  18. i have chosen dark purples, like eggplant and plum, green like forest green, with cream and burgundy as my wedding colours. The message, I guess we want to send is: earthy, nature, but with a touch of class.

  19. KRennai @ Keep On Dreaming! says

    At first l was drawn to the bouquet of green but my eyes stayed focused to the lace behind the blue bow, so does that mean l am drawn to tranquil, harmonious, pure, innocent clean fun?
    Love your feedback and love the psychology of colours, my walls at home in a newly built house have a fawn (eggshell) colouring; now l am really confused.

  20. Pink, orange, and yellow — and I got exactly what I’ve been looking for 🙂