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Bon­jour, I’m Monique from French Wed­ding Style blog, which is dedicated to French styled weddings. For one day only Sara and I have traded blogs, as I bring to you some ideas and tips for styling your wedding in a French style and Sara is over on my blog sharing a fabulous French styled inspiration board.

There are many different genres of French styled weddings, but one of the most iconic is Marie Antoinette. The look is exemplified by polar opposites; sumptuous feminine elegance and lavish excesses, distilled to an intimate occasion with exquisite detailing. Think dusty rose and champagne colours with gold accents.

How to Style Your Wedding Like Marie Antoinette

Bridal Style:

The dress needs to live up to the iconic opulent status of Marie Antoinette and there is no better than the classic bodice and full skirt silhouette. The dress featured is from a styled Marie Antoinette shoot, a strapless drop waist ball gown with Chantilly lace and layered tulle skirt. It is a custom designed Vera Wang gown from Metal Flaque bridal boutique in Paris and you might recognise it as the dress Kate Hudson wore in the movie Bridal Wars.

The look can be finished with pearls and add a modern touch with eye-catching pink shoes. For the true Marie Antoinette hairstyle, consider a cascading stream of curls piled high decorated with fresh flowers or oversize statement headpieces.

How to Style Your Wedding Like Marie Antoinette

Croquembouche :

This is the traditional French wedding cake, a tower of cream-filled puff pastry balls (choux) that are arranged into a pyramid and encased with caramelized sugar. The towers can be decorated with chocolate, real flowers, edible decorations and unlike American cakes, La Gateau is not on display throughout the wedding but presented to the couple at dessert time. With the average serving of 4 choux per guests these towers can be rather large and in France are often presented with fireworks coming out of them.

Dessert Bar/ Cake Table:

The queen’s love of cake and sweet treats was well-known and is a perfect excuse to include delicious macaroons and other tasty treats onto a cake table. Whilst dessert bars and cake tables are of a smaller scale in US/ UK weddings, it is not uncommon that when the croquembouche arrives it is placed in the centre of a dessert table surrounded by a macaroon tower, gateau, madeleines, mini desserts and a whole host of mouth-watering treats. After all why have one cake when you can have 7!

How to Style Your Wedding Like Marie Antoinette
How to Style Your Wedding Like Marie Antoinette


Flowers flowers everywhere for a Marie Antoinette styled wedding. White and pink roses, peonies and hydrangeas all fit the style, but mix and match within the colour palette any flowers that are in season and tailor to your budget. 

How to Style Your Wedding Like Marie Antoinette

Mahalo to Monique for this fabulous guest post! Wasn’t it great?! If you’re looking for more French wedding style be sure to check out her blog and this Marie Antoinette inspiration board.


photo credits: Badgley Mischka shoes from Style Me Pretty, photographed by Julie Bianchi Photography // Vera Wang dress at Chateau Challain from French Wedding Style, photographed by Dove Photography // cake & croquembouche from Style Me Pretty, photographed by Simply Bloom Photography, created by Decadence Fine Cakes & Confections // dessert table from Ruffled, photographed by N. Barret Photography, created by Layered Bake Shop // oversized bouquet from Style Me Pretty, photographed by Isabel Lawrence, designed by The Hidden Garden.

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