vacations (are important!)

Since embarking on this new career as a wedding blogger the thing I’ve found hardest to do is take actual vacations away from blogging. We’re so connected all the time that even if I give myself a day away from the computer to go to the beach or something, I still check my email, respond to submissions, send media kits to vendors who ask for them, make Facebook posts, tweet, and as soon as I get home I pin and proofread the next day’s post!

I’ve only had two real breaks and both of them were because I was out of the country and in places that didn’t have reliable internet connections. Once in Cuba (their connection is dependent upon a single ancient satellite that the Soviets gave them during the Cold War) and once last summer in Fiji (the island we went to had one old PC housed in a hut and it would occasionally flicker to life if the wind was blowing the right way).

After both of those trips I returned to this blog refreshed, relaxed, rejuvenated. and bursting with new ideas!

Take a Vacation!

It is definitely time that I had another break and so my husband and I are off to Fiji again today and I couldn’t be more excited! The island we are headed to (the same one as last time) has a little boutique resort (see it here) on it that consists of 9 private bungalows, a sandy bottomed outdoor bar, and a fabulous kitchen that produces some of the best meals I have ever had. Oh yea – and as I mentioned earlier – no internet connection! It’s going to be such a treat to truly unplug for a while.

But don’t worry! Because I’m crazy in love with what I do (and take the word ‘daily’ in my tagline literally) I have scheduled gorgeous wedding inspiration for you to cover every day that I’m gone. Plus, my sweet mother has volunteered to keep up with Facebook posts so please be sure to stop by and say hello to her and let her know what a fabulous job she’s doing! I’ve also scheduled a few pins and tweets from upcoming features – and hopefully those actually go as planned and all those tweets don’t ‘tweet-dump’ at once within the same minute (that was embarrassing).

For those of you who are new to Burnett’s Boards – welcome! I’ve rounded up some fabulous links (think of it as the grand tour around this little corner of the internet) to get you started:

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Mahalo to everyone for stopping by today! I hope you poke your head in and take a peek at all the gorgeous wedding inspiration I’ve scheduled for while I’m gone and I’ll see you guys in a week. (Photography by Amy Neunsinger)


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  1. Have a great (and very well deserved) vacation Sara! That resort looks absolutely amazing.

  2. Awww friend, I am SO happy for you! AND YES I totally understand what you mean about not being able to truly unplug! My husband and I were JUST talking about that last night. Think we may try to do the no social media thing on weekends! Eeeek. Nervous.

  3. Sounds like a dream… enjoy every minute! Nothing like a wonderful beach getaway. x

  4. Have a fantastic time Sara! (PS, I LOVE that vacation image.)

  5. Enjoy Sara!!!

  6. Enjoy! It’s so hard to leave the working world, but so necessary. Besides, it helps the rest of us justify taking break 😉 Have a lovely time!

  7. Wonderful! Hope you’re having a great trip!!!

  8. Enjoy your vacay 🙂