zodiac wedding: pisces

The zodiac wedding series today continues with an ocean themed wedding inspiration board for our Pisces brides! If you were born between February 19th and March 20th then this one is just for you.

Ocean wedding ideas

Pisces brides tend to lean towards mysticism and spirituality – they are definitely deep ladies. They’re super sensitive (the most sensitive of all the zodiac signs!) and reflective souls who experience emotional extremes and are very perceptive and adept at understanding people and the motivations behind what they do. Pisces have an amazing strength of character and will stand up for what they believe in no matter what.

Because Pisces is an ocean sign I thought an early spring rocky beach wedding inspiration board would be the perfect fit. Their birthday is reflected in the colors of this board: warm spring tones pushing through the muted shades of winter!

Pisces brides reflect the emotions of those around them and that’s shown here with the sailboat in the window, the water, and the Queen Anne’s Lace centerpiece (because it absorbs whatever color it’s placed in). The Pisces strength of character is mimicked with hard tile escort cards and the colors of their stone – the bloodstone – is reminiscent of the rocks that the bride is standing on.

Details to adore:

tile escort cards with calligraphy
reflective moment

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photo credits: peach dress via Once Wed // queen anne’s lace & twigs from Style Me Pretty, photographed by Loft Photographie, floral design by Petal Pushers // chocolate cloud cake from Cakelets and Doilies // stamps via Style Me Pretty, photographed by Jose Villa // escort tiles from Style Me Pretty, photographed by Trent Bailey // sailboat in window – unknown.

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  1. This board has such a lovely beautiful feel to it!

  2. I’ve been WAITING for this one and it is so me! The colors and the zodiac description definitely illustrates this Pisces to a perfect T! Love it!!

  3. The cake! 😀

  4. All your talk about signs had led me to discover that all 3 of my kids are leos 🙂 I knew my twins were the same sign (obviously) and I knew they had a birthday that was pretty close to their older brother’s (about 3 weeks before), but I was sort of under the impression that they were cancers. So crazy! Ps. love this post!

  5. Beautiful words and beautiful images. This board exudes a mystic beauty.

  6. Love the beach theme and those escort tiles!