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On August 1st this blog’s new design went live and as with most changes, I was nervous. My nervousness had nothing to do with the design – I love it, but more about its reception. You just never know how a community is going to react to something. As that day drew to a close I felt so supported and loved by everyone’s response to it that I decided to pay it forward.

So, for the month of August I supported a few other bloggers by advertising on their sites. Choosing between the hundred or so blogs that I visit all the time was pretty difficult. Right off the bat I had to eliminate all the wedding blogs I read because a. I thought it would be weird to be a wedding blog and then advertise on a wedding blog and b. I’m too close to them. Meaning: I talk to these ladies on a weekly basis and with a limited budget for this, could never pick between them all.

The four blogs that I did this pay it forward project with are blogs that I love for a variety of different reasons, and they are all outside of my niche. I broke every advertising rule in the book but getting clicks back to Burnett’s Boards wasn’t my purpose in doing this. My purpose was to pass on some of the love and support that I’d been feeling to other bloggers that enrich my life.

Now that August is drawing to a close today – I’d love to introduce you to them!

Art from Katie's Pencil Box Katie's Pencil Box

1. Katie’s Pencil Box

Katie is an artist, but it’s her thoughtful, reflective blog posts and beautiful photography capturing all of life’s little moments that keep me coming back to her blog again and again. Her perspective on life is a brilliant one and her quiet yet insightful writing style always leaves me with a peaceful, joyous feeling after reading her diary-like entries.

Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe

2. Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe

Christina and I have known each other for a long time now and her fabulous recipes and friendly, relatable blog posts have kept me visiting her blog on a near daily basis for over a year now. Plus she’s the genius behind mini donut muffins with cinnamon sugar – need I say more?

Orange DIY place setting / At Home In Love DIY centerpiece / At Home In Love

3. At Home In Love

Aileen has a mix of original and creatively curated posts that focus on all things home (and there’s a little wedding design thrown into the mix as well). I love her DIY posts the most and she’s one of the sweetest, most supportive bloggers out there!

The Nectar Collective

4. The Nectar Collective

Melyssa’s posts on creativity and positivity were what introduced me to this fun blog, but it is her writing on life in Japan that keeps me coming back. You know how when you really love someone you can playfully tease them? That’s what she does to Japan and some of her stories will make you laugh out loud. Plus, I’ve learned that in Japan they have vending machines that serve beer and that there is a wacky festival where everyone runs around hitting each other with bamboo sticks.


Have you ever paid it forward? I really enjoyed doing this and being on the other side (as an advertiser) was an interesting experience. I’ll definitely be doing this again sometime in the near future!

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  1. Just so appreciative of you!

  2. Loving the introduction to some new reads!

  3. Aww, you are so sweet!!! Thank you so much again–I am so honored to be one of the blogs you chose!

  4. How fun! Some new blogs to check out…and a really neat idea for you to do!

  5. Great photos – those oatmeal cookies look delicious! 🙂

  6. I love The Nectar Collective, I found her blog through pinterest and read it weekly! **Off to look at the other blogs you mentioned**

  7. Glad to know you, Sara!

  8. You are just one rockin’ little lady! Your pay it forward sponsorship idea was so wonderfully sweet to me and I loved this round-up and chance to see the other people you sponsored. Thanks again, Sara 🙂

  9. you are lovely, what a fun idea 🙂

  10. oh i cant thank you enough for such sweet words!

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