how to sell a pink wedding to your fiancé

You want a pink wedding, your fiancé doesn’t.  If this sounds familiar – I’ve got a story (and a solution that works!) just for you…

How to sell a pink wedding to your fiance

If you know or have worked with Sasha Souza then this will be easy for you to picture, but if you haven’t then imagine for a moment a cute, bubbly, red-headed, well dressed woman with an edgy voice and lots of creative energy. That’s Sasha Souza of Sasha Souza Events.

I listened to a podcast of her presentation on colors at the Event Solutions Idea Factory that was included as part of my Wedding and Events Institute coursework and part of it made me laugh out loud. Not fake texting language LOL but a good, honest laugh.

Instead of trying to summarize it and risk losing its personality I’ve transcribed the funny part below. What she says is the key to not only getting your fiancé to agree to a pink wedding, but also making sure that he loves it too.

pink wedding cake

From Sasha Souza – 

“Pink is one of those colors where the bride loves it and groom hates it, right off the bat. The grooms are like, ‘I don’t…no pink. Don’t talk to me about pink.’

I did a wedding for a boxer, who is very masculine, and we were sitting in a design meeting and we were going through all of his bride’s inspiration sheets, and every single piece of it was a shade of pink. Every single one. And the whole thing he said to me was ‘no pink.’ From the beginning.

And I’m thinking… you know what? You’re paying for this – you can have whatever you want. But as I’m going through these I’m also thinking oh boy… everything is pink. So I turn to him and I said – ‘I know you don’t like pink, but what about begonia?’

And he goes: ‘I’m cool with that.’

So guess what. The wedding had begonia. I never sold it to them as pink because he would have been like ‘I’m not paying for the flowers because they are pink.’ But they weren’t pink, they were begonia.

You have to know what your client is going to accept and what they are not and this particular client was thrilled at the end of the day because he didn’t think the wedding was pink.”

pink wedding balloons

Don’t you just love that story? It’s such a simple but brilliant solution: Don’t call it pink!

People tend to talk in very vanilla terms when referring to color, as in ‘I like pink’ or ‘I like blue,’ but you need to start speaking in shades. Get creative when naming your colors because it will help everyone involved in your wedding day visualize exactly what you are talking about.

I’m notoriously bad at giving my posts and inspiration boards creative names. What can I say – I’m just not a wordy woman. But I’ve decided to take the challenge myself and in the spirit of this article I’ve re-imagined new titles for a few past posts and inspiration boards that are pink. Hopefully it will give you some ideas:

If you enjoyed this post be sure to read more about what I’m learning with The Wedding and Event Institute (here) and I’d love to know what your favorite shade of pink is. Leave a comment below to add to the idea list!


I’d like to give a big mahalo to Sherry Lu Photography for allowing me to use these beautiful images to spice this post up with!

Photography: Sherry Lu Photography // Dresses & Accessories: Pure Something Clothing Co. // Floral Design: Garden Party Flowers // Venue: Adorabelle Tea Room // Hair & Makeup: Hellcat Beauty // Originally shot for SMP Canada.

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  1. Lol my Husband would not have cared what color I wore…so if i chose pink I would not even need to “sell” it. hahaha! He just couldn’t be bothered with those details. Honestly it made planning easier for me! #nowHopingIDidNotJustSoundLikeABridezilla LOL!

  2. Haha what an amazingly simple fix! I definitely have seen some of my guy friends start talking shades. I had to do a double take, but hey, if it works!

  3. I’m such a girly girl..I love all types of pinks and purples as well! I like rosey ,carnation pinks the most.

  4. Simply great tip utilize a shade that fits both individuals styles and personality.

  5. This made me laugh – great ideas for making pink appeal to a guy!

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  11. What an a funny story and simple solution! I want to start using shades more often too. I just think its so much more descriptive and romantic! Wouldn’t it be a fun job to name paint colors or nail polish colors?

  12. Fabulous idea! It’s all about how you market it to the guys. They’re easy to get around if you’re creative about it! ; )

  13. Love the story! It’s only taken me 15 years to figure that out with my husband…it’s all in the words you choose! Thanks for the laugh today!

  14. Just brilliant! Love the suggestions too. I think I missed a link to that podcast. Would you be interested in sharing it?

    • I totally would but it’s part of the WEI coursework and I listened to it through their course module… I’ll check around though and see! xx

  15. As pink is one of my favorite colors – I LOVE this post. By simply changing the name – pink takes on a whole new look 🙂 Such a brilliant idea!!!!!

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