wedding monograms and why you should have one

I’m pleased to welcome Nikkol of Peter Loves Jane to the blog again today! Her guest posts on wedding branding have been wonderfully informative (after all – she is an invitation designer – so who better?!) and today’s installment is no different.

Nikkol is putting wedding monograms and logos under the microscope in order to give you ideas on how to create one and use it not only throughout your wedding day – but ever after too!


The purpose of a monogram is to continue a theme, idea or style throughout an event, business or even home. Think of it as a signature, your wedding’s signature or even your signature as a couple.

Monograms are like a really good sugar cookie. The final product is rather simple, yet the best ones take a while to make. Let’s look at a few different styles of monograms before we talk about how to incorporate them throughout your wedding and married life.

Traditionally speaking, this might be what you think of when you think of a monogram. The lovely ladies at Antiquaria designed this detailed antique monogram stamp (if you are wondering, it is customizable for purchase here) that they’ve used on the envelope liner and tags.

wedding monogram

A non-traditional approach that works exceptionally well is the use of a single graphic, like this heart that designer Sarah of Studio SloMo incorporated into these adorable gingham letterpress invitations.

Wedding Logos

In Claire and John’s invitations, designer Sarah Jane Winter, used the tree graphic along with the couple’s names to create a monogram sticker to seal their invitation suite with.

Wedding Monograms

It may seem obvious to let your monogram show up throughout your wedding. Great places to highlight your monogram are: invitation details, return address stamp or sticker, on your wedding cake, favor tags, laser cut and hung as a backdrop to your dessert table, on your wedding program, on a tote bag filled with goodies for your guests and on the backs of the thank-you notes you send out.

Uses for wedding monograms

By including your monogram in different places throughout your wedding, you are, in actuality, branding your wedding. Visually letting your guests know that they are part of something special. You are putting your signature on the day, as if to thank each guest with each thoughtful detail.

Often, couples work closely with their invitation designer to craft a suite that is a reflection of the couple’s personality. Naturally, the monogram that stems from this process is a concise visual statement of who the couple is. So it would be expected that the couple could continue to use their wedding monogram through the first couple of years of marriage. Once a couple starts growing and changing together, they may find that a new monogram design is needed. A fun way to document your togetherness as a couple is to frame and hang prints of your monogram over the years.

This monogram I designed for a couple whose style was minimal-modern and they loved the mountains. I came up with a simple mountain range graphic that they used on their wedding invitations. This graphic translates very well to return address stickers and personal stationery. This couple loved their monogram so much that they asked me to print a large one that they could frame. I added their wedding date under their names and it became a lasting reminder of their commitment to cherish one another and to build a solid foundation that would outlast the mountains.

Custom wedding monogram from Peter Loves Jane

These last three were made into custom stamps that the couples used on everything from envelopes, to blank personal stationery notecards, to gift tags. One couple used theirs to stamp their belongings!

custom monogram stamps

Monograms are fun.  They are the sophisticated, grown up manifestation of our five-year-old selves that used to write our names on everything. Leave your signature on your wedding celebration and, certainly, your lives together.


If you enjoyed this then be sure to catch more of Nikkol’s wonderful branding posts here!

Photo credits: 1. Oh So Beautiful Paper, designed & photographed by Antiquaria 2. Oh So Beautiful Paper, designed & photographed by Studio SloMo 3. Oh So Beautiful Paper, designed & photographed by Sarah Jane Winter 4. cake – unknown, backdrop, tote 5-6. Peter Loves Jane.

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  1. Love the idea of branding your wedding with monograms and a personal logo. Such a cute touch!

  2. Always a pleasure, Sara 🙂

  3. Oh, I really love the modern one as well as the more traditional pairings! Beautiful!

  4. monograms in weddings are great – because it’s something you can repeat on different items. Adds a personal touch as well as the overall design.

  5. They really do add a special touch to the other wedding details!

  6. Love this! That mountain monogram is really cute too!!

  7. Lovely way to make your stationery suite truly personal…and look pretty snazzy, too!

  8. Being first and foremost a graphic designer – nothing makes me happier than seeing a wedding monogram or logo incorporated into a wedding. They aren’t just for businesses anymore 🙂

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