zodiac wedding: taurus

It has been so much fun dreaming up wedding inspiration boards for all the zodiac signs and this one for Taurus brides is the last in the series. Time for me to start thinking of another series…. but until then – if you were born between April 20th and May 20th – then this one is for you!

Black, red, emerald wedding

While I was researching the Taurus zodiac sign I kept being reminded of my own – Capricorn, so it’s no wonder that this inspiration board bears some similarities with the very first in this series. Taurus brides have a calm and cool exterior but underneath is a strong and determined individual. They are often called snobby or sulky but this is not necessarily true, they are just reserved individuals who will come out of their shell once you get to know them.

Because the Taurus zodiac sign is an Earth sign and because their stone is the emerald I included an outdoor shot (a gorgeously moody one) and of course an emerald ring. To represent their stoic exterior and withdrawn demeanor I incorporated black into this color palette, and because they do have a love for the finer things in life there is also a hint of gold.

To represent the passion and loyalty that Taurus brides show to those they love this emerald and black inspiration board is complimented with a deep red.

Details to adore:

red, gold, green place setting
black cake

Not a Taurus? Find your zodiac wedding inspiration board here!


photo credits: bride and groom in Iceland via Green Wedding Shoes, photographed by Pat Furey // place setting & menu from Once Wed, photographed by Lani Elias // emerald ring from Style Me Pretty, photographed by KT Merry // black cake from Bakministeriet // bride behind lace photographed by and from Kiss The Groom.

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  1. I love these zodiac posts and I especially love the mood of this! That placesetting is just the perfect balance of understated rich tones!

  2. I love the dark, rich mood – gorgeous!

  3. My mom’s a Taurus and she’s as tough as nails. That wedding cake is perfect for her personality 🙂

  4. I loved this series beyond words!!!

  5. Deliciously dark and tempting. Love it!

  6. Your boards do more than just present images. They create an entire mood and atmosphere!

  7. I have been waiting FOREVER for you to design a board for Tauruses… it’s crazy how much this accurately described me… especially that determined part 😉 Fabulous as usual!

  8. This is one of my favorite series as far as inspiration boards go. Gorgeous finale 🙂

  9. Hi doll! Guess who’s a Taurus? You described me…perfectly. I am pretty reserved at first. I’m pretty cool under pressure and I love gorgeously moody intimate settings. I’ve been called a bit snooty but truly I am not. This board is perfect, and I wish I could send it to everyone who is getting to know me so they could understand. BTW yes Capricorns and Taurus have similarities most of my good friends are.


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