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After I wrote that post on social media tips a while back (here) I realized how little I was utilizing Instagram. Since then, I’ve been trying to post more frequently, take better photos, and involve myself in the community more. The best side effect of upping my efforts on that social media platform has been finding new and inspiring people to follow.

Below is a list of my top 5 (in no particular order) people to follow on Instagram. These are the ladies who continually take stunning images of inspiring things!

1. @munsterrose

People who use negative space well have a special place in my heart and Jackie of Munster Rose is one of the best. Her background in interior design and store display styling, plus her current role as the creative force behind this floral design & styling company makes her an absolute ‘must-follow’ in my book.

Who to Follow on Instagram / munsterrose

2. @heygorgevents 

I almost left Rhiannon of Hey Gorgeous Events off of this list because I assumed that everyone follows her (because everyone should!) but then I realized how unfair that would be because she’s definitely one of my favorite instagrammers. Her images are always colorful, joyous, and proof that wedding planners have the most amazing jobs in the world!

Who to Follow on Instagram / HeyGorgEvents

3. @katie_decker

Ever since featuring Katie here on the blog I’ve fallen in love with her work. Not only is she a photographer, but she is launching a new hand-lettering business called Signora e Mare soon and her Instagram feed is always chock full of organic beauty.

Who to Follow on Instagram / katie_decker

4. @maemaepaperie

If you’re a paper lover then go follow Megan of Mae Mae Paperie right now. Her quirky, stylish, and colorful designs are always a joy to see plus her vibrant personality and creativity shines right through each of her images.

Who to Follow on Instagram / maemaepaperie

5. @amlwarner

I’ve got another fabulous and inspirational designer for all my paper fans out there – Abigail of Abigail Warner Designs. Her playful designs and pastel infused Instagram feed are always amazing plus she designs paper goods for brides, celebrities, and even royalty!

Who to Follow on Instagram / amlwarner

Who is your favorite, inspirational person to follow on Instagram? Leave a comment with their link!

If you’re more of a Pinterest fan be sure to check out this post with a list of fabulous ladies to follow.

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  1. I’m obsessed with the images Rhiannon posts! I’m always waiting/checking for the next one! They’re so pretty!!!

  2. Yay, more people for me to follow and more great inspiration! Thanks for the post.

  3. You always list the best people to follow! Thanks so much Sara!

  4. Thanks for this list! These ladies are fabulous.

  5. I was already follwoing Rhi, but thanks for all the others. I’m following them all now as well 🙂

  6. lovely suggestions!

  7. I adore your blog! I start each morning by viewing your email blast. The bloggers you selected have adorable style, I started following all of them. Keep up the great and inspiring work

    • You’re too sweet! This comment made my day 😀 That’s so funny though – I recently removed the daily email blast (well, at least the sign up for it) in favor of a weekly newsletter I’m starting in Oct. but hopefully you’ll still get them since you’re already signed up on it! xx

  8. Great round up!!!!!

  9. Not only does Rhiannon @ Hey Gorgeous post great pictures, but she also provides thoughtful and encouraging words!

  10. Love it!!! Awesome finds!! Yay!!!