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Today’s vendor spotlight is such a treat! The lovely Paula of Ila Handbags talks about her design influences and gives tips on ordering custom clutches for your yourself and your bridesmaids. Plus, this shoot by Tiffany Bolk Photography of Paula’s new studio in Minneapolis is absolutely gorgeous – you’re going to feel like a kid in a candy store!

Ila Handbags / Tiffany Bolk Photography

What period of art history has influenced your handbag designs the most and how do those characteristics manifest in your designs? 

“My Spring 2013 collection was inspired by the lavish ornamentation and decadent embellishments of 1920s France & The Art Deco design era. I sourced a lot of vintage gold and silver sequin fabrics with beaded embellishments and a beautiful orange and gold fabric with bold geometric shapes. My 2014 Spring collection is inspired by painterly floral prints & embroidered textures.”

Ila Handbags / Tiffany Bolk Photography Ila Handbags / Tiffany Bolk Photography Ila Handbags / Tiffany Bolk Photography

With regards to your new studio – what is the inspiration behind the interior styling and design?

“I wanted the studio to have elements of old and new. Mixing a few gold antique pieces with modern white shelving. I wanted to keep the backdrop for the bags very clean and really let the bags stand as little pieces of art.”

Of all the bags you’ve created, do you have a favorite?

“The Zelda clutch is my favorite. I love the different shades of vintage gold sequins mixed with the gold beaded tassels. It’s the perfect clutch to wear with anything from jeans & a t-shirt to a LBD.”

Ila Handbags / Tiffany Bolk Photography Ila Handbags / Tiffany Bolk Photography Ila Handbags / Tiffany Bolk Photography

Do you have any tips or pieces of advice that you give brides who come to you for custom bags – either for themselves or their bridesmaids?

“Pick something different, take a risk. Prints & sequins are an easy way to add a touch of individuality to the traditional white wedding dress. As far as bridesmaids clutches I would say don’t be afraid to mix it up. Different shades of a color or mixing prints with solids can be fun and makes for great photos.”

What key items should a bride have in her clutch on the day of her wedding? 

“Lip gloss, bobby pins, compact (powder), mints, tissues, & a small bauble or photo that is near and dear to you.”


Handbags & Studio: Ila Handbags // Photography: Tiffany Bolk.

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