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It wasn’t until I got married that I started wearing lipstick. Before that it was always just lip-gloss. It was easy, didn’t leave a mess when I changed clothes, and lip-gloss doesn’t get all over your teeth. Basically – I didn’t know what I was doing.

But my makeup artist for my wedding completely changed all that and I finally see why women across the globe are obsessed with these little tubes of pigment. I’ve now become a lipstick fanatic!

I honestly believe that lipstick is the most important makeup decision you will make on your wedding day. The color you pick can make or break your entire look. Too dark? You’ll look vampy. Too pink? You’ll look immature. Just right? You’ll look amazing!

Lipstick Tips for Brides

During my latest Sephora binge shopping spree I met a new lipstick – BITE. The whole theory behind this brand is that the average lipstick wearing woman consumes 5-10 pounds of lipstick over her lifetime. That’s pretty gross.

The difference with Bite is that this Toronto based company uses food grade ingredients and contains no petroleum byproducts or synthetic chemicals. Plus, they produce their lipsticks in small, handcrafted batches. Basically – it’s good enough to eat.

Lipstick Tips for Brides / Bite Beauty

I picked up two tubes, their Luminous Crème Liptstick in Musk and their Lush Liptint in Tangelo. I’ve got to say –  Tangelo takes the cake. It’s the perfect coral color and looks flawless dressed up or down.

That color is so great that when I was last in Houston visiting my parents I bought it again (didn’t have the tube on me, couldn’t remember the name, you know how that goes!) AND my mother wears it now too.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Bite’s lip liners, so I ended up with Urban Decay’s Glide on Lip Pencil in Streak. It looks awesome with Tangelo. I also grabbed some of Bite’s lip exfoliant and I love it!

Lipstick Tips / The Perfect Color

Bite also has a lab in New York where for just $28.00 they’ll mix a perfect, unique color, just for you. I really hope to try this out someday.

No matter what color of lipstick you choose for your wedding day, make sure it’s a good one and make sure it’s uniquely you!

Lipstick Tips for Brides

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photo credits: tips image shot by Squaresville Studios via Burnett’s Boards // BITE lipstick via Sephora’s blog – The Glossy // beauty products from Sephora // bride applying lipstick from Burnett’s Boards, photographed by Codrean Photography + Films.


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  1. I have always been a lip gloss girl too! …but thanks for giving me one more thing to put on my enormously long shopping list at Sephora 😉 (I can easily bankrupt myself at that store!)

  2. OMG, Bite looks amazing!!! I’m a total nutcase when it comes to chemicals in cosmetics. It’s sad, because it’s really hard to find “natural” products that are comparable in quality to the conventional ones. My favorite lipsticks are loaded with chemicals, but I just can’t let them go. I have to try this brand!!!

  3. Ewww 5-10 pounds of lipstick… Seriously though, I need to grow up and start wearing lipstick. lip gloss is just so easy.

  4. I can never get it right with lipstick ( can’t ever find a shade I like straight from the tube, and it doesn’t last) but you’re giving me hope here!

  5. Love the magazine style format of this post, favorite lipstick color of chose is red think it makes such a powerful statement.

    • I wish I could handle red!! I can’t though – I can never get it on right. I always feel like a freaky clown with it – which is a shame because it looks great on everyone else!

      • haha really? I guess it depends on what you’re wearing and how you style everything together. Red is definitely one of those hit or miss colors though sometimes it accentuates style greatly and other times it’s too distracting. But if done just right looks amazing.

  6. I never wear lipstick 🙁 Really need to change that…espcially with all the advice you’ve given here. Great tips. I’ll be using a lighter shade to pump up these extra thin lips for sure!!!

  7. Been trying to decide on the perfect shade for my wedding for ages.. This is really helpful and now I have another excellent brand to try!

  8. Awesome tips!!

  9. Love this tips! I never leave the house without it but tone it down for daytime.

  10. Fab tips! I am perpetually on the hunt for the perfect shade of red lipstick – own about 20 red lippies in various textures and hues.

  11. I love this line! As a pro makeup artist, BITE lipsticks are in my kit. Love that it’s a Toronto based company too!