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It’s no secret that I ADORE inspiration boards (understatement of the week). They’re awesome. They come in all different shapes, sizes, & styles, and today 6 wedding professionals that you’ve seen here on the blog before are sharing their real life inspiration boards. Enjoy!

Real Life Inspiration Boards Real Life Inspiration Boards Real Life Inspiration Boards Real Life Inspiration Boards

1. Megan – MaeMae Paperie 

“I always have several boards running in the office because I love being able to rearrange the pieces and have them act as decorations in my space.

Even though the images are all so varied and from different sources and times, they always blend nicely together. I have some pieces from vintage Life magazines I found in college as well as a piece of paper that was wrapped around my napkin at brunch last Saturday. They’re all displayed together. I love the idea of opposite ideas coming together to create something new in an inspiration board.”

See Mae Mae Paperie’s feature here // Photography by Canary Grey.

Real Life Inspiration Boards

2. Tania – Percy Handmade

“I love being able to capture the spirit of a modern bride – their individual style and what they love by including details that mean something to them. I am inspired by classic and timeless beauty, and I have a love affair with feminine and vintage touches. Icons such as Coco Chanel, Sophia Loren, and Grace Kelly inspire my work and I love to work with brides to add their personal finishing touches.”

See Percy Handmade’s features here and here // Photography by Peta Rudd.

Real Life Inspiration Boards Real Life Inspiration Boards Real Life Inspiration Boards Real Life Inspiration Boards

3. Katie – Laura Catherine Photography & Signora e Mare

“My inspiration boards are really organic and tactile. The force of touch cannot be matched by images on your device. I use everyday items from ribbon and river stones to watercolor sketches. I find it really helps me envision what I’m creating – whether it’s my film photography, styling, or even my calligraphy.”

See Katie’s feature here // Printed picture credits: barn via Martha Stewart Weddings, couple photographed by Feather and Stone on Style Me Pretty, flowers shot by Katie.

Real Life Inspiration Boards

4. Anna – Anna Gleave Photography

“I placed my inspiration board above my bed so I can remember the goodness of life every morning when I wake up and every night before bed. I am in constant awe of the world around us – the people, cultures, and intricate beauty of nature. Nothing inspires me more as an artist and as a person than exploration, and I have been lucky enough to travel quite extensively and live abroad.

I have photographs, art pieces, and carvings from my travels around the world – from Lake Como to Africa and California – to remember the beautiful moments and the people who have touched my life. My family, religion, my love, my work, and my world. That is what inspires me.”

See Anna’s feature here.

Real Life Inspiration Boards Real Life Inspiration Boards

5. Paula – Ila Handbags

“My Spring 2013 collection was inspired by the lavish ornamentation and decadent embellishments of 1920’s France & The Art Deco design era. I sourced a lot of vintage gold & silver sequin fabrics with beaded embellishments and a beautiful orange & gold fabric with bold geometric shapes. My 2014 Spring collection is inspired by painterly floral prints & embroidered textures.”

And Paula’s inspiration board certainly reflects just that!

See Ila Handbags’ feature here // Photography by Tiffany Bolk.

Real Life Inspiration Boards

6. Annette – Chaviano Couture 

“I love having something to look at that makes me smile and inspires me daily. My inspiration board contains a little bit of everything! From a picture of my parents’ wedding, to my college degree, favorite Bible verses, photo booth fun, editorial features, keepsakes from a Martha Stewart Weddings party, and a picture from my trip to the Dead Sea.

All are memories that are a part of who I am and have shaped me creatively and emotionally. I love clean white spaces and I love pictures, and that basically sums up my inspiration board. I think all of us should have one! A real life Pinterest board that makes us smile and focuses on what really matters.”

See Chaviano Couture’s features here and here.


Aren’t these inspiration boards great?! I’m totally inspired to make my own now. I still can’t believe I don’t have one.

If you’re a wedding pro and you have an inspiration board – send a picture of it along with a few sentences about it. I’d love to do another post like this!

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  1. So great to see these real-life examples!

  2. I have boards too. I love the idea of placing it by the bed so you wake up to it every morning!

  3. Aww I love this .. now have to figure where to create mine

  4. I am a huge fan of real life inspiration boards!! Love to scout for little details to use!!!

  5. These are fun to see!

  6. Love!

  7. Beyond love this post! Real life inspiration boards are absolutely amazing for both creative purposes but they are insanely gorgeous for design purposes as well!

  8. It’s always fun to see how others put together their “in-person” inspiration boards. I need to update mine as well 🙂

  9. Love seeing them played out! Annette’s boards are what mine would look like if I took time to sit down and put something together. A conglomeration of my favorite things, not necessarily matching, but looking at it later to find the common thread.

  10. Absolutely love this post! So lovely to see the design process at this initial stage and what inspires some of the creative people who inspire me!

  11. these are so creative. I’m feeling inspired!

  12. ahhh i love seeing everyone else’s boards, too! is it wrong that i want every wall of my house to be a piece of art?

    thanks so much for featuring me!


  13. I love this! Been meaning to check out this post since I saw your sneak peek on Instagram, and it does not disappoint. Each of these is so beautiful and a real window into the artist’s style/taste. I love digital inspiration boards too, but there is something about physical tear-outs and swatches that gets me!

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