brand your wedding with bliss and bone

Branding your wedding is more than just choosing a theme and a color palette. It’s carrying your inspiration, logo, etc through the entire experience from save-the-date to your wedding website, three-tiered cake, and thank you cards. Recently launched Bliss & Bone takes wedding branding to a whole new level. Something stratospheric!

Their exquisite designs for invitation suites, monograms, programs, menus, and all the other trappings you could want also have the most beautiful wedding websites available to go along with them. All of the colors are customizable and the details include couture touches like Chantilly lace, satin, and silk chiffon.

I was so intrigued that I got in touch with Cindy & Carl – Bliss & Bone’s founders – to find out more about the inspiration behind three of my favorite collections!

1. Reverence

Brand your wedding with Bliss and Bone

The Couple: Understated elegance and sophistication. They live in the lap of luxury and show it tastefully. They cherish what really matters in love and are indulgent.

The Style: Glitz, glam, shine, and shimmer. It’s all about metallics and making a statement. The use of botanicals provides contrast that makes the gold foil pop. Gilded, framed, and displayed, time will stand still as you try to catch every glint and glimmer!

gold and green / inspiration for Bliss & Bone

The Inspiration: It’s about preservation and cherishing each moment. Living life to the fullest and putting it on display for all to see and for you to relive.

2. Lucent 

Brand Your Wedding with Bliss & Bone

The Couple: Appeals to those who like the finer things in life. A couple that works together aside from their differences. They don’t try to be something they’re not.

The Style: It’s lyrical, sultry, and playful. The feminine tone of the chiffon is paired with the masculine edge of laser cut text. It’s a black bra under a sheer white shirt. The Lucent Collection glows with light, marked by clarity and translucence. It is about revealing what truly lays underneath.

Blush / Inspiration for Bliss & Bone

The Inspiration: Light. Each material, technique, and application is about how it interacts with light. The chiffon obscures the light while the laser cuts allow it to glow in all its glory. The pearlescent foil stamp throughout reflects the light, bouncing it off of any surrounding surface.

3. Effloresce

Brand Your Wedding with Bliss & Bone

The Couple: Opposites attract. This couple is bold, bright, and full of life. Whatever they want, they go out and get, always putting their best foot forward. They’re not afraid to walk their own walk!

The Style: Think mirrored boudoir with fresh-cut roses. It’s luxury packed with a punch. Life as a masquerade ball!

Inspiration for Bliss & Bone

The Inspiration: Reflection. Everything has an opposite. The Rorschach ink blots and their plethora of interpretations – the masculine and feminine together paint the picture. The Effloresce Collection is about reflection, both physically and emotionally.


Which collection is your favorite? The designs are so fabulous I wish I could turn them into dresses and wear them (seriously).

Mahalo to Bliss & Bone for taking the time to explain the inspiration behind each of the collections and be sure to check out their other three unique designs: Devior (floral), Signature (for modern brides), & Prana (outdoor – chic).

Learn more about how to brand your wedding here.

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