she will paint your wedding – while it occurs!

This week’s vendor spotlight is a special one. I’ve known Heidi of Paint Your Event since I started this blog and have been thrilled to watch her amazing career take off. This talented lady paints events (and yes! She live paints wedding all the time!) while they occur and the finished piece of artwork is exquisite. It’s colorful, vibrant, and definitely captures the magic of the moment.

Paint Your Event | Paint Your Event |

What do you enjoy most about live painting a wedding? 

“To be able to give something that people will really treasure is quite rewarding. A bride spends countless hours over the tiniest details because she wants to celebrate and tell her special love story. The theme, color scheme, and personal touches represent each couple’s unique romance. I love to grab these elements and capture it in an original, irreplaceable piece of art. I’m kind of giving a slice of happiness, and that’s an honor that feels valid and important.”

Paint Your Event | Paint Your Event |

What other artists or forms of art have influenced your style?

“I’m an untrained painter. I didn’t go to school or even really plan on making a career as a visual artist. However, I was planning on making an artistic career as a musician and songwriter. In fact, that’s how my path opened up into live painting. I created a record where every song had a painting. An entertainment manager really liked those works, and because of that I was asked to paint during a gala dinner.

So… I guess music has really been the biggest influence on my visual artwork. I know from my personal experience that creativity all comes from the same place; it’s just a different channel of expression.”

Paint Your Event |

What was the most memorable event that you’ve painted?

“I painted a boxing match for a fundraiser last year. The boxers were in a ring and I was on a stage beside it. Talk about blood, guts, glory, and splatting red paint!”

Why do you think a live painting makes such a wonderful keepsake for a newly married couple?

“There’s something about a painting that hold a different depth and weight than a photograph. Also, it’s not literal, so there’s something mysterious that draws you in. You can look at it and see and feel different stories open up depending on the viewer’s point of reference. It’s a strange and almost magical component about painting – it feels alive and evolving.”

Paint Your Event |

I’ve seen videos of you while you’re painting and you always end up covered in paint! You look like a human work of art afterwards but I’ve always wondered – how do you get all of that out of your clothes and off of your shoes?

“I don’t. Once an outfit has touched acrylic paint, you can call it a day because it’s not coming off! Half of my wardrobe is covered in paint. Just like most people have work clothes and play clothes I have paint clothes and non-paint clothes. And most days I have some paint on me somewhere anyways…

I get lost when I work. I just go with it and let it happen! It’s my version of Zen I suppose.”


Mahalo to Heidi for this fabulous interview and to Heather LeRoy Photography for the gorgeous shoot.

Be sure to catch more of Heidi’s artwork here on Burnett’s Boards, view her Paint Your Event portfolio, and never miss a moment of her colorful career by following her on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

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  1. Hahhaa @ half of her clothes being covered in paint! These photos are so beautiful Heidi but most of all your art of painting events!!

  2. What a brilliant idea! So original- who wouldn’t love a live painting of their wedding?