what makes your business successful?

For this week’s vendor spotlight two amazing wedding pros – Annette, the designer behind Chaviano Couture, and Sarah of Simply Sarah Photography (both of whom have had recent features here on Burnett’s Boards), are sharing some of their wisdom, advice, and thoughts in answer to the question “what makes your business successful in the wedding industry?”

Business advice from Chaviano Couture | http://burnettsboards.com/2013/11/successful-business-wedding-industry/

Annette of Chaviano Couture “Owning a business and learning the ins and outs is not easy. It takes hard work and dedication, but it is one of the most rewarding things one can ever do!

If I were to give a few words of advice I would say the following: The key to being successful in this industry is staying true to yourself and always being authentic with your brand. Too many people try to emulate others and focus on what everyone else wants them to be. Be who God called you to be. If you have been given a talent, use it. Don’t let money or popularity sway you. Be honest and always find a way to encourage and bless others through what you do. That’s the best advice I can give someone.”

See a feature with Chaviano Couture gowns here // Annette photographed by Kelly Sauer.

Business advice from Simply Sarah Photography | http://burnettsboards.com/2013/11/successful-business-wedding-industry/

Sarah of Simply Sarah Photography – “What makes one successful in the wedding industry is one’s ability to be flexible and wear many hats. We are artists, friends, and networking professionals.

As wedding photographers we have the privilege of providing our brides with beautiful, lasting memories of their special day in the form of art that will be passed down for generations to come.

We also have the privilege of getting to know our brides on a personal level. We hear all about their love story, their crazy family drama (everyone has it!), and we are in-the-know about the fabulous wedding they are planning.

As wedding photographers we also have the opportunity to network with talented vendors by providing them with images of products and services they created on a wedding day that they can then use for advertising or setting up styled shoots to promote our businesses.

At the end of the day all of these just barely graze the surface of the many hats that photographers may wear when a wedding day rolls around: coordinator, emergency dress fixer, veil helper, and the list goes on and on and on…

See an inspiration shoot by Simply Sarah Photography here


Article compiled by Elisa of Elisa Event Design.

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  1. Great advice from two talented ladies! I especially love Annette’s suggestion to stay true to yourself and not try to emulate others.

  2. Thank you Sarah for your constant support and love.

  3. Great post! Always be authentic with your brand – beautifully said!

  4. Annette: just the words I needed to hear on a Monday morning. Be who God called me to be and always find a way to bless and encourage others. Thanks for YOUR encouragement!

  5. Yes, good advice! Staying true to yourself is very important in order to stand out and maximise creativity rather than copying what’s popular at the time.