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I absolutely adore creating wedding inspiration boards. They are like puzzles and finding that last picture that fits perfectly with everything else (and trust me, that last image always takes the longest!) is so satisfying.

With over 160 new inspiration boards this year it was really hard to narrow them down to my top 5 but some of them just sing a little more than others so here are my picks for the best of 2013!

1. Timeless Wedding Style

Classic, timeless, and elegant weddings just can’t be beat and this inspiration board shows why. A wedding designed with this look in mind would guarantee photos that generations from now won’t look ‘dated’ – just gorgeous. This inspiration board was built around the flower & foliage centerpiece that is still one of my favorite floral designs to date.

Timeless and classic wedding |

2. Sunset 

Inspired by the sunsets here in Hawaii – this inspiration board was one of the first I made this past year and I still can’t get enough of it. The way the flowers in that bouquet mimic the sun setting over the ocean is just so perfect.

Sunset colored beach wedding |

3. Zodiac Wedding: Virgo

Working on the zodiac series was too much fun. Drawing on the personality traits of different star signs was a unique source of inspiration and this board for Virgo was one of my favorites. I will never tire of navy sequins or including works of art as a part of an inspiration board!

Navy sequin and gold wedding |

4. Rustic Emerald

A round-up of the best of the best from 2013 wouldn’t be complete without honoring Pantone’s color for this past year – emerald. This inspiration board was designed with that necklace in mind. It really is one of the prettiest statement necklaces around and it stands out against a mysterious and natural backdrop.

Rustic emerald wedding |

5. Pewter and Merlot 

It’s the unexpected color combination in this pewter and merlot inspiration board that makes it one of my all time favorites. Typically warm berry and wine tones are paired with a muted gold (and yes that’s a totally gorgeous combination too) but when I decided to try it with a grayish silver – I fell in love.

Pewter and merlot wedding |

If you see something you love in one of these be sure to click each inspiration board to be taken to the original list of credits and let me know if you had a favorite from this year!

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  1. Beautiful! You’re the master at creating beautiful themes for boards!

  2. These really are so, so gorgeous!

  3. All so very pretty, but I truly love the pewter and merlot combo!