holiday couture: GIVEAWAY

It has been such a thrill featuring all four of Alea Lovely’s beautiful Holiday Couture looks. I’d be really hard pressed to pick a favorite – they’re each so unique and perfect for seasonal events, including your wedding.

And as promised one of the vendors that worked on this series, Jet Couture Jewels, is hosting a giveaway!

Earring #giveaway from Jet Couture Jewels

From Jet Couture Jewels – “A love for travel is my creative muse. My designs are a reflection of the many cultural influences experienced on my journeys. I’m fascinated by unexpected combinations of colors and textures seen around the world – and I let those observations inspire the materials used in my work.

I love mixing precious metals and earthy leathers with bold stones, delicate gems, and a variety of pearls. I hope my works of art bring a little beauty into your world!”

Holiday earring #giveaway from Jet Couture Jewels

All you have to do to enter to win this gorgeous earring set is leave a comment below stating which of the four Holiday Couture ensembles was your favorite:

Classy Stripes

Gothic Glam 

Smoldering Scarlet

Pure Decadence 

* Giveaway ends December 13th and the lucky winner will contacted via email *

UPDATE: Congratulations to Nikkol for winning this giveaway!

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  1. My favorite is the Pure Decadence (Classy Stripes is my 2nd choice).

  2. My favorite was the Pure Decadence not only because I resemble the model in the shoot almost to a “T” but because the juxtaposition of the Devil’s Food cake and the Angelic bride was fantastic. Her feathers almost made her seem to have wings and who, on their wedding day, wouldn’t want to be an angel?

  3. My favorite was “classy stripes”. So beautiful!

  4. Loved the classy stripes!!!!

  5. gothic glam. truly interesting design of the dress, the feathers, the mask, the chair. i adore this shoot! the simplicity of the set, one color of red dozen roses never looked so good. the up-do is effortless and elegant.

    <3 to the photographer
    alea lovely.

    who made the shoes??

  6. Smoldering Scarlet is my favorite…I love the dress, the coat and the horse!!

  7. What a fabulous giveaway! These earrings are lovely. It’s hard to choose, but my favorite was probably Classy Stripes.

  8. My favorite ensemble is Classy Stripes! It’s such a powerful statement that goes against the grain of modern bridal dresses. A lady would surely be a knockout in this dress!

  9. What a beautiful pair of drops! The prep in me can’t help but love Classy Stripes!

  10. Those drop earrings are gorgeous, enjoyed viewing the photos from your holiday series.

  11. Gosh. So hard to pick. Love all of them (which is funny as I’m more of a “stick to the tones down colors and style” girl ;)). The decadent one though is definitely a fav!

  12. I loved the smoldering scarlet one. These are truly stunning. Thanks for the chance!

  13. Nastazya B. says

    Pure decadence is my favorite ensemble, my sweet tooth can’t resist !

  14. I loved the smoldering scarlet as well. The red dress in this shoot is amazing!

  15. Applauding the creativity on all of the shoots, certainly, but in choosing, I love the Pure Decadence for the signage and stunning dress.

  16. Thanks for the giveaway!!! If it’s international (I’m from Australia), then I do love the Classy Stripes ensemble the most. Love how subtle it is! xx

  17. Love the Smoldering Scarlett, the dress and coat combination is stunning. I’ve never been a huge colored wedding dress kinda girl, but this has won me over

  18. Kayla Deane says

    My personal favorite was the Classy Stripes!

  19. debbie jackson says

    I like the smoldering scarlet

  20. I loooove the pure decadence, I wish I was wearing that outfit! I also liked how dramatic the gothic glam style looked, the pictures are great 🙂

  21. Kathy Guzman says

    Classy stripes!! Just gorgeous!!

  22. Smoldering scarlett is my favourite. Simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing ! 🙂

  23. Pure decadence inspires me! The stunning beading of the gown with the luscious chocolate. Mmm.

  24. Tonya Keough says


  25. Classic stripes!

  26. It is hard to choose, all the collections and the shoot was so lovely. But I love the drama of the Smoldering Scarlet collection

  27. Classy stripes! It’s such a simple yet complex dress..and great balance between the two contrasting characteristics.

  28. Love the classy stripes! I’m such a sucker for stripes.

  29. Loved Pure Decadence!

  30. I may be in the minority, but I loved the texture and wings in the Gothic Glam shoot 🙂

  31. I love the smoldering scarlet look. Definitely my favorite. Also, these earrings are to die for! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  32. I would say classy stripes! Thanks The earrings are lovely!

  33. Enter me, please.
    Smoldering Scarlet all the way!

  34. pure decadence! but all are lovely 🙂