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A couple of months ago when a bridal portrait session from Ashley of V.A. Photography was published here on Burnett’s Boards I found myself in awe of the shoot because she photographed every detail of the bride in her wedding day attire to perfection.

And keep in mind – that bridal session was a ‘prop-less’ shoot! No chalkboard signs, no vintage typewriters, nothing but the bride. Somehow though she turned it into such a detailed shoot, skillfully drawing out all the thoughtful touches that go into a bridal look.

Because of that Ashley is here today to share some of her tips on photographing wedding details.

Shell centerpiece for a nautical wedding | V.A. Photography | Shell centerpiece for a nautical wedding | V.A. Photography | Shell centerpiece for a nautical wedding | V.A. Photography | Shell centerpiece for a nautical wedding | V.A. Photography |

From Ashley – Back in October I had the extreme pleasure of attending the Pursuit 31 Conference in Georgia. Katelyn James led one of the workshops I attended and it included a gorgeous nautical table display with more details than you can imagine. It was so nice to learn more about shooting details and I walked away with so many great tips that I have already been able to apply to my business!

1. Focus on one detail at a time. For example: If you’re shooting the place setting, focus on the cup first, then the utensils, then the name card and so on and so forth.

2. Shoot for the vendors. While you’re ultimately there to document the day for the bride and groom, the vendors work super hard preparing all of those amazing details that make the day come to life. After you’ve shot everything that your bride and groom would want, be sure to shoot pictures you know the vendors would like as well so that you can send them their way.

Rustic nautical wedding | V.A. Photography | Rustic nautical wedding | V.A. Photography | Rustic nautical wedding | V.A. Photography | Rustic nautical wedding | V.A. Photography |

3. Try to shoot on a background that is not distracting. If you’re shooting a ring shot, make sure there’s minimal clutter in the background. Try and have a clear background so the complete focus can be on that particular detail.

For example: If you’re photographing a bridesmaid’s dress, make sure you aren’t showing the edge of a chair in your frame. It takes attention away from what the eye is supposed to be drawn to.

4. Work your way in. When shooting details, start big then small. If you’re at a wedding and see the sweetheart table, take a wide shot first. After you’ve taken the bigger picture (pun intended), move in and focus on the individual details.

Nautical wedding table design | V.A. Photography | Nautical wedding table design | V.A. Photography | Nautical wedding details | V.A. Photography | Nautical wedding details | V.A. Photography | Nautical wedding place card | V.A. Photography |

Being able to apply these tips to my business has been super beneficial for me! I don’t know about y’all but I get so excited when I see a beautiful table of details ready for me to capture.

I can sometimes get overwhelmed by all of the possibilities that are running through my head, but remembering these tips helps me. It helps to calm me down and focus on the task at hand.

I hope that these tips can help you at your next wedding or shoot! Just remember to be confident and believe in yourself – you can do it!


I’d like to give a big mahalo to Ashley of V.A. Photography for this lovely guest post. Whether you’re a photographer, wedding vendor, or Etsy retailer, I am sure that there was something in there that you can use and apply to your own business. As for me… my Instagram images are about to get a whole lot more detailed.

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