organic calligraphy with signora e mare

Calligraphy is one of the most charming details at a wedding and the lovely Katie of Laura Catherine Photography and her newly launched calligraphy business – Signora e Mare – is a true artist when it comes to this unique form of creativity.

Today’s interview with Katie will take you through her unique brand of organic calligraphy along with a whole host of beautiful images featuring her work!

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What does Signora e Mare mean?

Signora e Mare is translated as “Lady and the Sea.” I came up with the name while I was spending my summer at the beach.  It comes from a love of the ocean and a true affinity for the Italian culture and way of life.

What is organic calligraphy? 

Organic calligraphy is a term I coined to convey the natural and unaffected environment my calligraphy emanates. As someone who is self-taught, I think “organic” is a word that really portrays my unstructured and old-world style. It’s not a style that’s for everyone and certainly tends to pull in a specific bride.

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Why is this tangible art such a great addition to a wedding? 

I believe in first impressions. Your wedding paper is the first glimpse your guests will have into your wedding. It sets the tone for your big day. I work with clients to convey their theme through not only the design but also the type of paper and the treatment applied to the suite thereafter.  As they say, it’s all in the details.

Organic #calligraphy from Signora e Mare | Laura Catherine Photography | See more on Organic #calligraphy from Signora e Mare | Laura Catherine Photography | See more on Organic #calligraphy from Signora e Mare | Laura Catherine Photography | See more on by Laura Catherine Photography 

How did your calligraphy business come about? 

I’ve always had a passion for letters and type, but never pursued it until recently. When I was young, I would emulate different types of handwriting into my signature. I always thought it was fun, but never considered it as a profession of any sort.

I was brought back to it when I got married. I was going through some of my grandparents’ things and I found this small wooden chest in the back of their closet. In the chest were old photographs and mementos, including several bound packets of letters they had written to one another. I sat there reading one after another. It was so nostalgic and romantic at the same time – like I could actually feel how they felt through those handwritten lines.

It reminded me of the lost art of writing and how so much can be conveyed in the style of how each word is physically written. And since then, I’ve been hooked.

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Where do you get your inspiration from? 

I actually get this question a lot. Inspiration can come from a variety of pieces and found items. An old photograph, a shell I picked up on the beach, the texture of a piece of fabric, or an environment. I take that and translate it into a tangible piece of someone’s brand or wedding day. I think it’s very important as a creative – especially with the direction weddings are going these days, to be able to do that…to convey a design or an idea from a feeling or image.


Be sure to see more of Katie’s beautiful work on her website, follow her on Instagram, and check out this gorgeous bridal luncheon she photographed and did the calligraphy for here.

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