buying your wedding dress online? read this first.

I’ve recently been introduced to a brilliant bridal boutique called Nearly Newlywed.

Not only do they have a brick and mortar store in NYC that you can go to, but Nearly Newlywed is the only way to buy designer gowns online for less with the assurance that you’re getting the big name gown you want!

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Let me explain Newly Newlywed’s brilliance by starting at the beginning:

A couple of months ago I saw in a thread on a forum an excited bride talking about what a steal she got on her wedding dress. She purchased what she thought was a Vera Wang gown for “under $400!”

I guarantee you… it was not a Vera Wang gown that she ended up with.

A good rule to follow is: if it sounds too good to be true it is too good to be true.

Nearly Newlywed #wedding dress | Jen Huang Photography | see more on Floral crown and a Nearly Newlywed #wedding dress | Jen Huang Photography | see more on Berry desserts | Jen Huang Photography | see more on Nearly Newlywed #wedding dress | Jen Huang Photography | see more on

I’ve heard about it again and again – an unknowing bride finds the dress of her dreams online for an unbelievable price, orders it just in time for her wedding, and when it arrives she realizes it’s a cheap, ugly knockoff.

Next time you come across a site that is advertising big name bridal labels for unreal prices check the following things first:

  1. Do they ship from China? If yes, it’s a knockoff.
  2. Are the models’ faces blurred in the photographs? If yes, it’s a stolen image and therefore a knockoff.
  3. Does the website look cheap, poorly maintained, or badly designed? If yes, it’s a knockoff.

And aside from all that, major wedding labels don’t sell online. They only sell through boutiques where the consultants know their gowns, can answer questions, and fit the bride to perfection. It’s also unethical and illegal to buy replica gowns.

Nearly Newlywed wedding dress | Jen Huang Photography | see more on

If you’re looking to buy a designer label wedding dress for less online then that’s where Nearly Newlywed comes in. Not only do they have brand new gowns, but Nearly Newlywed also buys high-end sample gowns (the ones you try on in boutiques) and once worn gowns from brides and boutiques, assures their authenticity, and then offers them to you at a price you can’t beat for the real deal.

Paolo Sebastian, Valentino, Elie Saab, Vera Wang, Sarah Seven, Reem Acra – they’ve got it all plus a collection that is unique to them.

One of the best things about Nearly Newlywed is their try before you buy option. They’ll ship a wedding dress (or three) straight to your doorstep where you can try it on in the comfort of your own home. If you love it – then you can buy it. If it’s not quite right, ship it back.

Nearly Newlywed wedding dress | Jen Huang Photography | see more on Nearly Newlywed wedding dress | Jen Huang Photography | see more on Nearly Newlywed wedding dress | Jen Huang Photography | see more on Nearly Newlywed wedding dress | Jen Huang Photography | see more on

And here’s some great news for island brides – they even ship to Hawaii! In fact, I used a Nearly Newlywed gown for the bridal portion of the Ku’u Lei shoot this past weekend I worked with Orchestrated Stylized Shoots on (see sneak peeks here, it’s the shoot with the turquoise pineapple).

The dresses arrived to my house well before we needed them and in flawless condition. The gowns fit our model correctly, were completely divine, and I may or may not be sitting in a gorgeous Reem Acra wedding dress right now as I type this post (just kidding Nearly Newlywed!).

Be sure to take a peek at the gorgeous gowns Nearly Newlywed has here, view their exclusive collection here, and see a Nearly Newlywed gown in a styled shoot on Burnett’s Boards here.

Mark your calendar and stop by in early March to not only see a gorgeous Nearly Newlywed dress in action from the aforementioned inspiration shoot but to also enter a generous giveaway from Nearly Newlywed!


Jen Huang is a Burnett’s Boards Vendor.

Photography: Jen Huang // Wedding Dresses: Nearly Newlywed // First Shoot – Floral Design: Poppies & Posies, Sweet Treats: Nine Cakes, Hair: Styles on B, Makeup: Kerry Makeup // Second Shoot – Floral Design: Sarah Winward, Makeup & Hair: 1011 Makeup.

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  1. Sara, this is such great advice for brides. A very dear friend of mine was dying to get her hands on a Vera Wang gown online, but each gown was either from a scammy spammy site, or obviously a knock off. There are so many unethical shell websites out there just trying to make a quick buck off a desperate bride – think stealing credit details, identity fraud etc, that it’s really a sad state of affairs. Grrr! That’s why I just totally love the fact that Nearly Newly Wed offers this great service, and that brides can return the dresses if they dont fit. Major win! And thanks for testing the service out for everyone too. #ApprovedBySara. Yay!

    • It’s so true how often this happens – and so sad. I think a lot of brides do it innocently. It’s easy to forget how much we know being in the industry – and what it was like when we were not! Love the hashtag by the way 😉

  2. LOL! Of course it was not a Vera Wang dress for 400$!
    Also I’d add that brides look at the return policies too…if the policy sounds shady then avoid such places except the dress is so cheap that you wont mind taking such risk.

  3. Oh, that poor girl! I remember seeing a ton of shady sites selling fakies when I first started searching for dresses. It was kind of scary. Nearly Newlywed has got a great thing going on!

  4. This is awesome! Such gorgeous dresses and I love that you can try them before you buy them.

  5. Sounds like THE designer option for less. And try before you buy is definitely the way to go!

  6. This is such a fabulous development for brides! I always love to encourage people to support their local bridal salon, but what if they simply don’t have one?? I can’t think of a better way for every bride to find the perfect gown – and I wouldn’t blame you for wanting to blog in Reem Acra!

  7. Really, really great advice. And I love that you’re sharing an affordable option for brides who really want a high end gown, without the price tag. Great post!

  8. Love Nearly Newlywed! Such great advice, Sara.

  9. Everything Nearly Newlywed stands for is wonderful! Designer dresses, wonderful prices and service! The option to try before buying is such a bonus! Great warnings, too – I am always stunned by how many dresses from scammy dress sites are pinned to someone’s “dream wedding” board! I always hope they don’t follow through and have a nightmare! Great post – can’t wait to see more of the Reem Acra in March!

  10. Love Nearly Newlywed! One of the founders Jackie is kinda amazing, too! So personable and really knows her inventory! 🙂

  11. This is such an important subject for brides! I hate hearing stories of brides thinking they’re getting their dream dresses only to receive cheap knock-offs. It’s so sad! But just more reason to go with trusted, reputable vendors.