inspiration shoot contest FINALISTS

UPDATE: See the finalist entries here.

I’m so excited to announce the 5 finals for the inspiration shoot contest today!

Before going into details I want to say that I was completely overwhelmed with the response. When I first thought about the contest and posted it I worried that I wouldn’t have any entries, let alone enough to run a contest with.

I was proven wrong and I can’t thank all the entrants enough for their thoughtful proposals and gorgeous inspiration boards. Because I assumed such a small response, I wasn’t prepared for all the ‘I’m sorry, but you didn’t make it’ emails I had to write. It was the hardest thing I’ve done with regards to this blog yet.

With that said – I am excited to introduce you to the 5 amazing finalists. Their vision and excitement really wowed me and I can’t wait to see the creative teams they put together to bring these ideas to life!

Inspiration Shoot Contest Finalists

Nikki Santerre Photography INK

Nikki was inspired by the written word and will be pulling influences from ink, calligraphy, and textile mediums. From Nikki – “There’s something about the written word that is so extremely powerful; language has the ability to disperse ideas, create peace, and most importantly, tell stories of love.”

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Anna Gleave  Photography WATERCOLOR

Anna was drawn to the freeness of watercolor and the romance of the blend of colors, textures, and lightness of the medium. She’s planning an inspiration shoot for artists – cultivated by watercolor dreams. Her palette of pinks and ideas on ‘capturing sunshine’ are going to be exquisite!

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Melanie Gabrielle Photography CHALK PASTELS

Melanie is planning on combining two artistic mediums (chalk pastels and dance) into one stunning inspiration shoot centered around ideas from a Degas ballerina painting. Just imagine flickering candlelight and lots of tulle dresses! One of the things I’m most excited to see is this creative team’s plan to use chalk pastels on a fondant wedding cake.

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Paula Bartosiewicz Photography NATURAL ELEMENTS

Paula’s vision is of a free-spirited bohemian bride who is inspired by the natural world around her.  From Paula – “Our ideal bride is a traveler and a lover of all things mother nature. She often finds herself on the road, discovering unique items from outdoor markets and vintage shops. The natural elements of wood and illuminating candles will create a magical and mystifying ambiance.”

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Laura Hernandez Photography WATERCOLOR

Laura was inspired by the soft palette of gentle watercolors. Her inspiration board included beautifully romantic pastel hues and plenty of watercolor details on the wedding cake and escort cards. Streamers, ribbons, bunting, and kites were other motifs on her proposal that I can’t wait to see brought to life!

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View the contest theme, rules, prizes, timeline, and more here


Image via Nikki Santerre Photography on Burnett’s Boards.

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