how to make inspiration boards – a visual guide

Last year the Wedding and Event Institute asked me to contribute to their chapter on inspiration boards and it ended up being a really rewarding experience; it forced me to examine the whys and hows of what I had been doing all along.

Inspiration boards are an important tool used industry wide by both brides and wedding pros alike to visually communicate an event’s colors, mood, style, and so much more & today I am sharing a few tips on how to pull them together!

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Color coordination is usually where I start with an inspiration board. I stumble across and image that really makes me stop and gawk at it and I go from there. I look at the textures and tones in that picture and try to find things that would compliment it, while also trying to pay attention to not just the main color, but the background colors in the image.

For the inspiration board above, I was really inspired by the bouquet and tried to find images that not only matched, but added to and expanded from it.

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The layout of your inspiration board is a really personal thing – so make sure you do whatever feels right to you. For me though, I definitely prefer to vary the size and placement of each photo. I believe that it gives the eye some ‘wander room’ and allows each image to stand on its own and be as beautiful as it is.

With regards to spacing, I give each photograph at least 2 pixels spaces of breathing room.

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Whether you’re creating an inspiration board for a single style or a mix of styles (like the punk + chic wedding inspiration board above) – making sure each image contributes to that vision is essential. One wrong picture can throw the whole look off and give it a messy, unprofessional feeling.

When making a wedding inspiration board that has two pretty different themes or styles, it’s important to try to find a keystone picture or two that grounds them both. In the inspiration board above it is the studded Loboutin shoes. They’re a little punk and a little chic at the same time.

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My final tip when it comes to creating wedding inspiration boards I would argue is one of my most important ones: to only include one of each detail. If you include two pictures of wedding invitations, or two brides, or two cakes, it is going to confuse the senses and send two different messages, because truly – no two things are ever exactly alike in the wedding industry.

Find the perfect image for what you are trying to convey for each detail and then move on.

To learn even more about inspiration boards and to view the movie I made on how to make them consider signing up for WEI’s Certified Wedding, Planning Styling, and Design Course (I’m taking it right now & you can read more posts about my coursework here!).

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